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They are very popular in Asian cuisine and are becoming readily available in Western supermarkets. It’s easily started from seed and can survive heavy frost. With its crunchy white ribs and wavy green leaves, you’d be forgiven for confusing escarole for a lettuce. I <3 the dandelion greens but also I didn't know you could eat sweet potato leaves, or that they even had leaves. Sweet potato leaves are widely popular in many countries and are starting to gain popularity in the west. The term mesclun comes from the French word for a mix of tender young salad greens. This salad green is definitely one to try growing in your own garden. These delicate little leaves are tender and sweet. Beef & Spinach Quesadillas with Smoky Ranch-Dressed Salad. Sweet potatoes are heat-loving plants and grow prolifically. By Donna. Avoid the ornamental sweet potato vine you can get at the garden center. The other trick to levelling out its flavor is to use cream or cheese in the same dish, especially Italian varieties like ricotta, pecorino, and Parmesan cheeses. Your email address will not be published. By clicking "submit", you’re consenting to our email newsletter with cooking content and information on products. These delicate, buttery-tasting leaves grow in clustered sprigs. Nasturtium leaves offer a peppery flavor similar to its flowers. Leaves are: Dark green and tender Taste is: Bitter and peppery, with a slight mustard taste Try this arugula salad with tomatoes and avocado. Browse more than 520 recipes for spinach salad, Caesar salad, and more. Tatsoi can be easily grown from seed and can take a hard frost. Tastes like: peppery radish. And I must admit that I’m quite guilty for mostly growing heads of lettuce since they’re the ones I’m most familiar with. Because of its high water content, iceberg lettuce is low in calories and nutritional value, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth leaving out altogether—when used in combination with other ingredients, it adds an incomparable hit of freshness.Flavor pairings: Since it’s not big on flavor, you’d do well to drizzle on heavier sour cream or mayonnaise-based dressings and vinaigrettes—try a mustard vinaigrette or classic ranch dressing.Prep notes: To diversify your bowl (and banish sad salad memories) mix iceberg lettuce with other salad leaves and herbs. By anonymous. They arrive in robust heads, and the leaves are never papery. Toss the vinaigrette with the greens and sliced tomatoes. Gather your favorites for a fragrant dinner salad. The curly endive adds crunch and bristly texture with its spindly leaves in a gradient of white to deep green.Flavor pairings: Curly endive can take on bold flavors and pairs well with proteins like eggs, roast chicken, pancetta, and cheese. Make them front and center in your salad. Tastes like: mild mustard greens. Try your hand at the controversial, but tasty, BBQ season Grilled Caesar Salad. Of course, you may also simply use it in a salad. We ranked eight popular salad greens in order from least to most nutritious, according to the CDC’s powerhouse fruits and vegetables list. Fresh Herb and Nasturtium Infused Vinegar Recipe ». Remove the bacon fat from the pan. This mild, buttery tasting heirloom lettuce has splashes of red on the leaves that give it an appealing look both in the garden and on your plate. Try using a citrus vinaigrette; the acidity will help break down the leaves. Remove from the heat and blend the oil with the lemon juice. Look for an acidic dressing at the store or learn Peppery arugula is not known for its subtlety—it’s always in the starring role whether used alone or in combination with other leaves. Tastes like: an earthier, sweeter version of kale. Baby spinach leaves are harvested earlier than mature spinach, giving them a milder flavor and more tender leaves.Flavor pairings: Use vinaigrettes to add a splash of balanced acidity to baby spinach leaf salads, as well as fruits like orange and apples. The natural cup shape of the leaves comes in handy as a vessel (see these Shrimp Stuffed Lettuce Wraps?) The leaves of a sweet potato plant are not only delicious but highly nutritious as well. In fact, it’s another member of the endive family, though it’s less bitter than its cousins like radicchio.Flavor pairings: Classic pairings for escarole, which is a favorite in regional Italian cooking, are creamy white beans, sausage, and garlic.Prep notes: The outer leaves are where the bitter notes are concentrated, while the ribs are milder tasting. The ancient Greeks called watercress kardamon and believed it could brighten their intellect, hence their proverb “Eat watercress and get wit”. Salads—they can be an entrée, side, full course meal, and, with the addition of fruit, can even satisfy a sweet tooth. We especially love how all the nooks and crannies of the ruffled leaves hold onto whatever delicious dressing we’ve whipped up. In her free time (when there is such a thing), she is in the garden or hidden away reading the latest post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama! There are no hard and fast rules, as the addition of any second textures will lift the iceberg to its…peak. Here are some of my favorite unusual salad greens to try in your next salad: Dandelion Greens. You can buy this pre-mixed in bags, or make your own blend. If you’re wondering about the name, it’s because the small leaves are said to resemble lambs’ tongues.Flavor pairings: You don’t want to wilt the leaves with heavier dressings, so err on the lighter side with a basic- or mustard vinaigrettePrep notes: The leaves are too delicate to be cooked, but may be used as a garnish to, or served alongside, cooked dishes like Lamb's Lettuce with Worcester Duck and Pomegranate or Goat Cheese Crème Brulée with Lamb's Lettuce and Apple. This is a very light tasting green similar to other lettuces and goes well paired with most other salad ingredients. Flavor pairings: Use a dressing or vinaigrette with some kick to it and serve butterhead lettuce with more flavorful salad leaves like radicchio or add texture with loose-leaf lettuces like Batavia. Nonetheless, if you want to grow frisée in your garden, you can skip the blanching process. And the dressing is delicious!” – Sophia. Add the olive oil, sliced garlic, tarragon, and basil to the pan. If you have several herbs growing in the garden, toss them together for a flavorful salad mix! But the common thread in every variation of this versatile dish? Learn More. Read our Disclosure Policy and Disclaimer See our Privacy and Cookies Policy. When cooked, the bitterness will mellow out slightly. As it packs a little more in the way of flavor than the iceberg, basic vinaigrettes may also be used.Prep notes: Here’s where things get interesting—even with its high water content, but Romaine’s sturdy leaves do well on the grill, developing a nice char on the outside that sets off the crunch within. Here are some of my favorite unusual salad greens to try in your next salad: Yes, the leaves from the infamous yellow lawn invader. Green Leaf or Red Leaf Lettuce These two types of lettuce are packed with bright leafy flavor. This popular Asian green has a similar texture to spinach, but with a mild mustard flavor. The taste of summer in You can harvest them young without any impact on the actual tuber underground. Like its cousins, escarole can be sautéed (say, with olive oil, garlic, and lemon zest. The range of salad leaves available in supermarkets is improving all … But the best part is that many of these unusual salad greens are very easy to grow! So-called because they grow in loose, leafy clusters, these lettuce varieties grow abundantly—which might be the reason they are near constants in supermarkets, salad mixes, and home-gardener’s veggie patches alike. Get seasonal garden & craft ideas sent to you weekly. Combine the dandelion greens and Frisée in a large bowl. Also, the greens off of many root vegetables like beets, turnips, and radishes can be eaten when young and make great salad greens. Warm the oil until fragrant. Tastes like: a bitter green like endive, but nutty. You'll notice its cooked texture is akin to pak choy), braised or brushed with oil and grilled. Radicchio also does well with cured meats, like in this Prosciutto and Radicchio Flatbread.Prep notes: Like endive, radicchio can be served raw in salads or cooked. Kale salads can be tricky; the tough leaves need a little care. Also, the greens off of many root vegetables like beets, turnips, and radishes can be eaten when young and make great salad greens. Add Some Color to the Table with Flowerfetti Salad, The Surprising Superfood from Your Backyard: Dandelions. I can’t wait to try some of the greens you mentioned here. Tastes like: your favorite herbal salad dressing, but fresher! Knowing the properties of different types of lettuces can help you turn your salad into something altogether more interesting and substantial in taste and texture.But, let's be clear about something, the term ‘salad greens' is a little misleading: some types, like dark leafy greens and bitter lettuce varieties can really take the heat and be slightly sautéed, stirred through warm dishes, and—hello Romaine lettuce—grilled!Before we delve deeper, the golden rules for common salad greens are as follows:Milder leaves need bolder dressings and should be paired with more brightly flavored leavesSturdier leaves can take the heat and be grilled, sautéed or added to warm dishesFlavorsome or bitter leaves pair well with fruit, nuts and cheeseLeaves with a lower water content pair well with fruit, which will add texture and juiceHere’s what to do with the most common salad leaves—lettuces, salad greens, and bitter members of the endive family: Butterhead lettuce gets its name from its soft, delicate leaves.

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