innovative college ideas

Microcontroller and Touchscreen based wireless library book catalog system. Innovative keyboard construction with only one input pin. Microcontroller based online examination system with dynamic questions. 10 Radically Innovative College Programs. Reach out to local farms and vendors to organize a campus farmer’s market. Very useful in operation of selected bed movements and room environment functions associated with a provided multi-function hospital bed. Wireless Google Earth control system at Railway/Bus Stations for tourist’s route map guidance. No need to press any buttons for robot control. Did you know that the iconic idea-sharing forum TEDx started as a campus event at USC in 2009? PIR based energy conservation system for corporate Computers and lighting system. Measured values are stored in to a USB Pen Drive. Voice recognition and voice guidance based GPS turn-by-turn navigator for blind with ultrasonic obstacle avoidance. The Definitive List – 55 Campus Sustainability Ideas. While there is no 100% guarantee that all the startups will succeed, innovative startup ideas are taking birth every day to solve problems existing in the country from time immemorial. We can see that the students are being groomed to become a person who stands out among other people in the world. Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system. One man operable and works on anywhere on earth. This is also used to exchange messages like power cut timings with the consumers. GPS based navigator with location display on Graphical LCD. She legitimately listens to every word you say until … Microcontroller based substation monitoring and control system. Mobile technology (GSM) based remote monitoring and control of digital Energy meter. RFID and GSM based intelligent letterbox (mailbox). This project is to build a Graphical LCD Touch Screen interface for switching electrical devices. Hendrix College. GSM based Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates. Students will be provided with following: Enquiry for the above listed Projects (Call us for immediate response). DC Motor Speed and direction control over GSM Mobile/Modem. But before they change the … Microcontroller and GPS based geographical map drawing instrument. Microcontroller based Wireless matchbox with digital lantern. Virtual wireless dancing bells for classical dancers. This system records the travel path and location with timings. Touchscreen controlled lamp dimmer for next generation apartments. Voice Controlled 230v lamp dimmer with 10 levels of intensity control. (Useful for detection of terrorists hiding inside buildings). Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Graphical LCD and Memory stick (MMC/SD card) based textbook reading system. A torch with an additional bulb. The robot moment is controlled based on the tilt angle of the robot. Radio Frequency wireless remote controlled digital camera with high power LED based focusing light. 26 Innovative Ideas By School Students That Will Blow Your Mind Away! 8 Innovative Ideas For Higher Education Right Now. DC Motor Speed and direction control using RF/IR/Zigbee technologies. Location aware mobile phone signal strength logger into 2GB memory card (MMC/SD/MircoSD). The camera direction can be controlled remotely and the video images can bed seen live on TV. GPS based station name announcement and display system for Trains/buses. GPS and Graphical display based tourist-guiding system with Touchscreen keyboard input for dynamic location recording. Points: 14. Send your Innovative Project thoughts to Sooxma Technologies. GPS based office cab monitoring system very useful for the safety of female employees. Accelerometer (Gyroscope) Controlled Robot. Data logger for energy meter with time and KWH readings. This provides user to have the location information displayed in any language. Frequency Locked Loop DC Motor speed monitoring and control system. The fields of studies offered at these innovative universities are expanding to include: artificial intelligence, new media, engineering, bioscience, and even food innovation. (Energy Meter reading on PC over wireless comm.). High voltage fuse blown indicator with display on PC with optical isolation between PC and HV bus bars.

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