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Only then can we get the full ‘truth’ of the potential impact of our decisions.”, The real downside of privilege is that we get a narrow view of life. A celebration of creative covers & their ace designers. Read more on that in this U of T News article. 8:32). We must understand and assess the benefits and damages offered or incurred by social media. Toronto still has the opportunity to slow this virus spread, but we need to work together. In recent weeks, many Torontonians have become familiar with Dr. Eileen de Villa (MHSc 1994, MD 1998), the city’s medical officer of health, who is holding daily public briefings about the pandemic. I received wonderful support from U of T during my training. Drandic advocates for respectful and safe maternity care. She was recently named one of the United Nations Champions of the Earth. I study the difference between the future where we continue to depend on fossil fuels versus the future where we transition to clean energy. Congratulations to Morgan Wyatt (HBSc 2007 Innis), CEO and co-founder of Greenlid—the world’s first fully compostable compost bin. It makes me imagine that Canada could one day look a lot like what my ancestors envisioned.”. He continues to write about the latest protests in newspaper columns and give lectures on the political situation in Hong Kong. Alumnus & entrepreneur Morgan Wyatt wins Manning Innovation Award, Greenlid—the world’s first fully compostable compost bin, Arthur J.E. “The sort of truth that poems tell is not the truth of information but the truth of experience,” says Prior. As a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Spiritual Director, I find adults are deeply hurt because the truth is missing in some way from their relationship with another person or group. Some have criticized government policy, others have pushed for changes at their workplace or questioned a prevailing view. All rights reserved. An excellent piece, in a consistently high calibre publication. I think it is important to speak up for the truth. This ensures that people are aware of the changing environment and of the latest recommendations from local, provincial, and federal governments and health officials. 002. As a historian, Cooper already knew a lot about the Black experience in Atlantic Canada, but a deep dive into archival documents yielded disturbing truths. Didn’t receive your copy? “For that beautiful Instagram picture, there are six months of hormone and medication abuse, including insulin, thyroid hormones and steroids,” says Shammaa, who also did a fellowship in medicine at U of T. For that beautiful Instagram picture, there are six months of hormone and medication abuse. Required fields are marked *. Afua Cooper (BA 1986 New College, MA 1991, PhD 2000) is a professor at Dalhousie University who specializes in African Canadian Studies. We’ve seen a huge shift – even in the last five years – in what is being taught in schools about Indigenous Peoples. But how we define ‘meaning well’ is influenced by what we understand to be true – and this is shaped by our experiences, our social circles, our work and, crucially, whom we listen to. What helps me sleep at night is knowing I’ve vetted a story with all of the evidence available to me. like molten glass. Emily Hunter (BA 2011 UTSC) is an environmental activist and storyteller. In a ‘post-truth’ world, journalism grounds us. “Innis College fosters one of the greatest and closest communities at U of T,” says Didier Ha, a third-year Innis student and lead student ambassador for the renewal and expansion project. North, the rocks are choked with millwort. After 1990, banks would not mortgage a property until it had been checked for waste. It is not beyond our will to have it be something different. both to wonder and look back—the way The Innis Alumni & Friends Magazine is an annual publication mailed to all alumni of Innis College and its three academic programs in the fall. Acknowledgment and understanding of this is the key to moving past it. It doesn’t necessarily come through a heavy-handed crackdown but through more subtle forms of coercion and intimidation. Below she talks about the group’s #BreakTheSilence campaign. I am a Canadian Army veteran. Freedom of expression and democracy – they are both highly fragile. “The university was gearing up to commemorate its bicentenary, yet its founder was fundamentally anti-Black,” says Cooper, who led the scholarly probe. After 1990 Atomic Energy Canada began to clean up historic waste sites. The Chinese state media often doctor video footage of protests or take it out of context to portray protesters as irrational and violent – and as instruments of Western governments. For me, the most effective way to empower others to act is to tell a story about the world we want and about the people creating that world. It’s how you communicate which drives people to act – from online petitions to student strikes. FREE Shipping by Amazon. North, the rocks are choked with millwort. To think that mirror once meant It seems to come very naturally to them - and to us! A picture that circulated in the aftermath of an attack led to my wrongful imprisonment. I have seen many acts of true and authentic courage in which speaking the truth brought violent persecution. Canada could one day look a lot like what my ancestors envisioned, Canada is not the air; it’s not a constant. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 11. Update your contact information on this webpage, and we will make sure that you do! There were thousands of stories all over social media and traditional media in Croatia. We need investigative journalism to get to the truth. You never publish any criticisms within your comments section and for that reason alone you aren't to be taken seriously. Women are realizing there is an innate power in these stories – and it’s not just women; it’s any marginalized group that doesn’t have a chance to speak or change things because they’re not in power. It shows: Look, we’re everyday people and we live our lives and we fall in love. David Roberts, Urban Studies’ acting director, on FIFA in Toronto, 2020 Refugee Student Fund Benefit Concert, Toronto filmmakers to watch at Reelworld Film Festival, A reckoning happening in Canadian institutions says Anishinaabe broadcaster Jesse Wente, The old-school inspiration behind A&S alumnus David Pelech’s new TV show ‘Decoys’. But the time to stop is as soon as possible. I was pleased to read about the DCB, which exposed the challenges of a multi-year, multi-faceted, bilingual publishing project. That includes love even for our enemies - not natural to us, yet necessary. Thank you for sticking to your decision to have a theme issue on "speaking the truth" -- despite the changes in our world in the last few months. By Marina Hanna for The Star, Indigenous advocate and broadcaster Jesse Wente (BA '96 Innis, Cinema Studies) speaks with APTN's Face to Face. Students of Innis College, or Innisians, represent a wide range of backgrounds and interests yet can […] And I can tell you there is a night- and-day difference. But if we decide it’s too late and we do nothing, we will ensure our failure. My programs have received two American Psychiatric Association Gold Awards for programme excellence and innovation. split then doubled. “If casting directors hire somebody with a disability to play a role they are good for instead of it having to be about the fact that they’re in a wheelchair, then that breaks down stigma.

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