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Perhaps this myth came to be because of the simplified definition of evolution being "a change over time." TobiasD/pixabay. Studies show that blushing elicits sympathy, which helps keep the subject alive. Science is just a way to explain what is observed in nature. New York, NY: DK Publishing, 2009. Accessed: February 10, 2015. Evolution rarely follows a straight line from species to species. 7“Evolution.” Online Etymology Dictionary. Unravel the mystery with this list of surprising dream facts. Approximately 550 million years ago, humans had a common ancestor with a lancelet, a rod-like sea animal. Accessed: February 10, 2015. Ultimately every living thing can trace its ancestry to a bacterium that lived billions of years ago. We can see evolution in action almost anywhere that we look today, in fact, there is a good chance that you are evolving at this very minute, or at least carrying random DNA mutations which can be passed onto your children which gives them a better or worse chance of surviving in this world. Oxford Dictionaries. Hiccups may date back to humans’ watery ancestors. Evolutionary biologists claim this is a remnant instinct from when early ground-dwelling mammals would climb. The law of biogenesis as taught in biology class states that only life can produce life. Evolutionary biologists note that a symmetrical face is more attractive around the world because symmetry signals good genes for reproductive health. The development of human clothes has influenced the evolution of other species. 2Bryner, Jeanna. “Top 10 Things that Make Humans Special.” Live Science. It does challenge the literal interpretation of the Bible and some fundamentalist Creationism stories, but evolution and science, in general, do not strive to take on "supernatural" faiths. An elephant’s trunk is an amazing example of evolutionary development. Accessed: February 12, 2017. They share about 50% of their genes with a banana. You've probably heard the famous question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Paul Mannix / CC-BY-SA-2.0 / Wikimedia Commons. Because of evolution, many animals lay hundreds of eggs each year to ensure that even a few reach adulthood. In contrast, the larynx in a chimp, for example, sits higher in the throat than in a human. All rights reserved. Red hair is not just a color; it's a way of life. Modern man, or, The evolution of the mammalian ear can be clearly tracked through. 2. . 2015. Some scientists believe that if humans colonize other planets, colonizers would face new environment conditions, such as low gravity and oxygen. Many factors cause, In 1861, the fossil of a primitive bird named Archaeopteryx (“first bird”) was found in. So while evolution is "just a theory," it is also regarded as fact since it has plenty of evidence to back it up. August 22, 2011. We're not sure whether this common misconception came about from educators over-simplifying the truth, or if the media and the general population got the wrong idea, but it's not true. Researchers believe humans have evolved this feature because 1) it made it easier to forage for food in shallow water, 2) it helped humans lose heat faster on the hot savannas, and 3) it helped reduce the number of parasites on the body. The key to this misconception is organisms that don't take very long to produce several different generations. 10 Scientific Facts Disproving Evolution Joel. Darwin (1809–1882) did not come up with the phrase “survival of the fittest” to summarize his theory. Evidence does not support it—and in many respects runs counter to it. Evolution Revolution: From Darwin to DNA. A new species is achieved when two populations of the same living thing become so different that they can no longer breed with each other. Humans can also flex the ring and little fingers toward the base of the thumb. Rather, the philosopher Herbert Spencer (1820–1903) coined the phrase. A pair of parents would have to have 1,000,000,000,000,000 (a quadrillion). A third reject the idea of evolution. Updated November 17, 2014. The Human Story: Our Evolution from Prehistory Ancestors to Today. Yet evolution in no way fits all the facts available. Scientific theories are considered a fact, for the most part. It is also true that the closest known living relative to Homo sapiens is the chimpanzee. Individuals cannot evolve—they can only adapt to their environments to help them live longer. Scientists believe that wisdom teeth and the appendix are leftover “equipment” from when humans ate a primarily leaf-based diet. 4Cooper-White, Macrina. Evolution is not a fact, it is "just a theory" Fact: The word 'theory' is used differently in everyday … Scientists believe this has helped ensure the success of a woman’s family. Evolution is a fascinating process, and it really helps us understand the living world that surrounds us. Eighty-five percent of the population cannot wiggle its ears or control the Auricularis muscles that surround the outer ear. Just because you believe in one, doesn't mean you can't believe in the other. We are often reminded by… As the human diet changed, these appendices have become essentially useless. January 31, 2008. Explore one of nature's most amazing machines with these interesting human body facts. Modern evolution theory recognizes that evolution does not always mean progress. They lost the need to move their ears when they started to live in groups. This is especially important in evolutionary terms because new combinations of genes that code characteristics cannot be made with just a single individual (well, except in the case of a rare genetic mutation or two).

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