in what way is caliban smarter than stephano and trinculo?

From Prospero’s and Stephano’s aspect their relationship with Caliban is largely similar. Study caliban flashcards from georgiana roxburgh's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. suggests he's smarter than he's given credit for. They both treat him just like a slave (Stephano even calls him a monster), but perhaps Caliban needs the aid and guidance of someone smarter than him anyhow because he possibly could not stand on his own. In the play he plots with Caliban and Stephano to kill Prospero. 5.1 Miranda's love interest. Correct answers: 3 question: In the tempest, what is the most likely purpose of the subplot involving trinculo, stephano, and caliban? Also, Stephano was a servant, but Caliban made him a master. He speaks in Iambic pentameter which suggests that he is smarter than he is given credit for, he is also not distracted by material posessions and understands that knowledge is power. Seeing that they are gullible and power … 4.1.2 not distracted by material possessions . 5.2 King of Naples. English, 27.01.2020 21:31, Pinion How is caliban's idea that stephano should be king an example of faulty thinking? Learn faster with spaced repetition. 4.2.1 possibly using them for his own advantage. What is peculiar about Caliban's subservience to Stephano and Trinculo? 4.2 subservient to Stephano and Trinculo. 5 Ferdinand. He is malevolent towards Caliban, and has … 9 of 18. He wins the favor of Stephano and Trinculo. Masters become servants, and servants become masters. An example of power abusive master is Prospero. They are distracted by the fancy clothing. shows that he knows knowledge is power. 5.1.1 Prospero making him think his father's dead makes him cling to Miranda more. The relationships between master and servant are constantly being disturbed in The Tempest. As the number of people on the island increases, Caliban may realize that he will not likely rule them so he goes for a position of second highest power. Modern-day equivalent: Arguably one of the most controversial comics around, Frankie Boyle often provokes outrage. To portray power, one of the main themes of The Tempest, Shakespeare uses the abuse of power. If we take Caliban to be smarter than his appearance may imply, then he actually does even more than the example ksladson gave in order to gain power. How do Stephano and Trinculo show that they are less intelligent than Caliban?

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