illipe butter benefits for hair

Illipe butter is obtained from the nuts of the Shorea stenoptera, a tropical tree. Our organically crafted Illipe Butter is cold pressed from the nuts of the magnificent Illipe tree (Shorea Stenoptera) growing in the forests of Borneo.This exotic and luxrious butter is light tan in color and it's known for long-lasting moisturizing and softening properties for hair and skin.. Illipe is a plant butter that isn’t as popular or well-known, yet it packs a powerful punch – especially on hair. Illipe butter is an excellent and lasting moisturizer that softens skin and is absorbed into the epidermis quite readily giving it a coating almost like an SPF. Restores Hair Elasticity. Benefits of Kokum Butter for the Skin. Here are all the reasons that this impressive butter should be added to your must-try list. This exotic natural butter soothes and nourishes dry skin and moisturizes dry hair and is definitely one that you should start incorporating it into your beauty routine. 4. Cocoa butter can help prevent hair loss due to breakage or an inherently fine texture. It can also help alleviate scalp itching and irritation, and may help prevent chemical damage. Shea butter can also protect your hair from harmful UV Rays and prevent sun damage. The more elasticity your hair has, the healthier it is. If you’ve never tried Illipe nut butter before, you absolutely do not know what you are missing. Unlike Cocoa Butter, Illipe Butter tends to be very light, sometimes white in color, and has little to no characteristic aroma. Shea Butter is heavier than most butters, but it works wonders for damaged and brittle hair. The benefits of using cocoa butter on hair are increased manageability and moisture. It is extremely similar to the skin nourishing benefits and texture of cocoa butter, but typically it has a higher melting point, making it one of the hardest known cosmetic butters**. Illipe’s chemical composition parallels cocoa butter with a slightly higher melting point. It also repairs breakage by strengthening your strands from root to tip. Illipe Butter is especially useful in the treatment of mature or chronically dry skin as its application can help to reinforce the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Illipe butter … If you have very frizzy hair, you can rub some Kokum Butter on your hair to make it softer and manageable. High moisture penetration discourages sagging, wrinkles, and other effects of aging; Moisturizing attributes are long-lasting; Perfect for sufferers of dry, flaky skin with additional softening qualities; Fights frizzy, dry hair and heals damaged hair … Apply this butter to wet or damp hair … 1. Benefits of Illipe Butter. Applying Kokum Butter mixed with oils during an oil massage strengthens the hair from the roots and wards off hair breakage.

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