if i were a rainbow essay

If I were a rainbow. A vibrant vermilion lotus flower of six petals would bloom there. Trash was scattered everywhere and the street was filled with rats. Premium Limbo Rock, Debut albums, Imagination 693  Words | The seven colours of the rainbows I use to refer to myself and my life on this pleasant evening. If the former is the case, that individual can look forward to a life of relative ease and privilege. If you were a rainbow what kind of sweetness and caring....? If, StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Premium 5  Pages. side of invasion with your broiled rainbow trout? Higher education, Tertiary education, Education in the People's Republic of China 998  Words | Premium If I were a bird, I would like to be one of the small species, cute and beautiful. My every thought would be a strand of gold, infused with the perfume of the lotus flower. I would make an altar of tin, and burn incense infused with saffron, to the giver of intimacy. I liked this very much and agree that we can each be like a rainbow to another's around us! Imagination bathed in lavender would be queen there, and Meditation immersed in the aroma of star anise would be her king. There was once a time when I escaped the hustles of the world. 3  Pages. A campfire of primal energy would burn and not tire, and its smoke would pray to the heavens and offer the perfumes of cedar. Paris, Mercedes-Benz, So Many Things 621  Words | 3  Pages. 4  Pages. Rays of attraction would scatter across the horizon, and exhale the perfume of a rose, and particles of creativity would season the calm of heavens. I received this for free and here now is my honest review. With sun shining through me. A “ Rainbow Essay ” is a color-coded system that gives the writer a way to check their work for errors (see below). A very good evening I bid to my dear Public Speaking lecturer, Madam Sharon Lim and my fellow colleagues. IF I WERE ELECTED PREMIER OF MANITOBA I would build an altar of copper and burn rose incense to the source of all love, and a blue lotus flower, of twelve petals would bloom there. Premium If I were a rainbow, an orange sunset of intimacy would sweep across my sacrum, its breath composed of notes of dragon-blood. Premium If I were to win the lottery and receive fifty-million dollars, there are so many things I would do. If I were a bird To confirm this, Beyonce is attempting to look at her unhealthy relationship as if she were in her significant others shoes. 4  Pages. If I Were A Rainbow Recently I read and enjoyed a poem called ‘ Rainbow ’ by John Agard which was about his view on how he saw the rainbow. I would build an altar of iron at the center of it, and adorn it in amber citrine, and I would burn incense infused with the spicy fragrance of cedar, to the source of all energy, and a bright yellow lotus flower of ten petals would blossom there. To confirm this, Beyonce is attempting to look at her unhealthy relationship as if she. The poem was very effective because the poet used a lot of techniques such as colloquial language to invite us into his conversation. I found myself walking alone in a dark and lonely street. Sitting high in the sky. And on their branches, leaves of forgiveness, sharing, and connection would bud. This is because the teachers see in me their dreams of a good result coming true... Free With colored tears that fill my eyes. A lake of sensuality and emotion would become its mirror, and ripples of sensitivity would interrupt its stillness. If I were a rainbow, the crown of my head would be the color of violets, and the fragrance of sweet jasmine. He used his imagination to look at the rainbow in many ways. I would wear a diadem made of tourmaline clear quartz. On this blissful evening, I would like to present a speech entitled “My Life, in a Rainbow”. This is the balance of life--that for every man born under a shining sun, there is at least one born under ominous gray... What comes to mind when you hear the words, Education in the People's Republic of China, question how they truly desire to be treated. I would love to be a tiny maina who is beautiful, tiny and above all, it is a bird that man can keep as a pet. Some say money can't buy love; well, maybe that's true, but have you thought of what could be bought with money? If I were a rainbow, a crimson sunrise would engulf the root of me. Their roots of balance would pierce and curl deep into the soil of Self Love.

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