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Tier 2 Kelemvor is most definitely better than Tier 4 Torm. Gather your party and put an end to the foolish incursion, and recruit a new Champion or two while you do it. You can use the following table to see if it's worth it to you to keep doing runs based on how much Favor you're getting with each one. New players can fully complete Events if they know what to do. Those factors don't affect the Event Tokens though, as those numbers are time-based and thus fixed. Example: You start your first free play and finish level 50 so you get 5 points and the target level increases to 60. I highly recommend waiting until a mission shows as Easy before starting it so as not to waste your Event Tokens. While everything we've reviewed here will help you complete Events and maximize your gains in them, these tips can also be applied to your regular gameplay. While we don't know everything about an upcoming Event, some things about Events never change. For my first 2 runs in an event I will generally run my highest damage output and gold-find formation with 1 large firebreath potion and 1 large speed potion. Tune in to the next show to find out! My name is Gaarawarr and you may know me from my Event guides. Some variants are horrible for farming Favor though, so learn to be aware of which ones to farm in and which ones to just leave once complete. I know what you're saying right now. OK, now that we've gone over the basics of what to do during an Event, let's dig into your Event Planning strategies to maximize those Event gains! Whether you're farming normally, using Barrowin to push deeper and farm, farming with potions, or any combination of those, you need to learn to recognize when it's time to reset. The official subreddit for discussing Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, an official Dungeons & Dragons®-based idle clicker game from Codename Entertainment. Make sure you don't do any missions before they show as Easy otherwise you may waste your Tokens. Question for you, with the frequency of Events these days, seems like one a month, how do you manage to keep a stock of Epic/Large potions to burn? For example, if you are on level 56 and your Click Damage is at level 54, you can stop buying Click Damage. Events start everyone off at zero Favor. Plan your purchase in advance! The percentage is multiplied by the total Favor you have earned in that campaign, including what you've spent on Blessings. If you plan on buying Gold Event Chests with real money from the store (which is a great way to support the game! I would put a higher value on T3 Kelemvor Global overall as Gold Chests at that point are highly prized for fleshing out Epics on all your Core Champions. Sales of such things (however inaccurate, irrelevant, or sketchy) tend to be brisk in the tenday preceding this day. Champions fight monsters in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. While most of the Blessings you earn in the main campaigns don't apply to Events, the Global Blessings on the right side of the UI apply everywhere. Getting multiple of the same purchase amounts adds to the duration of the buff. Complete adventures to earn points, which contribute along with everyone else's points towards these special dice. Even if you complete the Event mission you're on, you don't necessarily want to hit "Complete" right away. Learning how to build formations is one of the best skills you can have in the game and Events are constant tests of your knowledge. That's one of the things I like most about Idle Champions Events: they're mini training grounds for the game's core concepts. Using firebreath potions makes upgrading click damage worthless. Once you can easily afford it without it limiting your progress, keep it. Not only is this a great recommendation for real-world financial management, it works well in Idle Champions also. Mystra, the goddess of magic, has foreseen great challenges coming for the champions and has granted one of her chosen, Kaylaar, the power to open Time Gates to assist you in your quests. You can always reset your Blessings after the Event is over if it took all your Favor to buy. Treating each one like a Favor run helps you stay efficient with your Token spending. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. I can usually expect to reach e6 favor on the first run, e9 on the second and e11 on the third. $5 - Empowered Power Boost - Increases the damage of all Champions by 100% (lasts 1 day), $10 - Empowered Power Burst - Increases the damage of all Champions by 300% (lasts 2 days), $20 - Empowered Faith - Increases all Favor earned from Resets by 50% (lasts 3 days), $50 - Empowered Clairvoyance - Increases all Gold found by 100% (lasts 4 days). The start of spring is traditionally marked by a day of peace and rejoicing, featuring beautiful displays of flowers in celebration of Lathander, God of Spring and The Morninglord. I always assumed Dragonborn based on the name. Your "wall" is the level you can reach and farm at without your group dieing and where, while you'll gain a lot of Gold here, it won't be enough to level up your Champions to major upgrades quickly to push deeper. Keep in mind, I'm not using a ton of Epics on Events. Assemble a party of champions and master the art of Formation Strategy. People tend to run out of Smalls fast, but if you have some and want to use them in the stack, go for it. I use the following method on my very first run to get the biggest snowball possible. The first free-play of the day also earns 5 points and every subsequent free play that day earns 1 points. Here are the things I've found to be effective over the first year of studying Idle Champions Events. I'm pretty sure that the source is the official twitch stream. (Keep in mind, sometimes it may be more beneficial to you overall to use the weekend buff to farm Favor in a main campaign. Generally, using this method I'll reach e13 to e14 favor in four runs, along with a 130-140% conversion rate (though I do have full purples and all blessings, so YMMV). The target level starts at 50, increases by 10 for every free-play completed. See the next tip for more on Event Tokens. Event adventures require event tokens, which can be collected by killing enemies. All the points gotten by all the players are added together. Since Event Tokens are granted based on time as well, Contracts give you both a Gold boost and Event Tokens!

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