idle champions midsummer formation

Gaar's Formation: Here's the formation I've used to get to e10 Favor already. This page was last edited on 18 July 2020, at 05:19. However, upon arrival the party is summoned by the Blackstaff of Waterdeep, Vajra Safahr. If you only have Calliope, then Diath will be nice for the variant requiring low CHA. Basic Attack: Acrobatic Backstab - Diath backstabs a random opponent. (Small Contract = 60, Medium = 480, Large = 960). Please ask if you're not sure!)*. The Missing Lord (Beadle & Grimm) Free Play,, About Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki, Complete all three variants of the "The Missing Lord (Xander)" adventure, Obtain a piece of gear for each of Xander's six equipment slots, Complete area 175 in any "The Missing Lord" free play. (These tips assume an optimized formation but are formation-neutral. Gaar's Notes: Let's talk about the Dragon for a second. Ultimate: Maegara the Dawn Titan - Diath uncorks his Iron Flask, unleashing Maegara the Dawn Titan. Super guide. The difficulty rating is based off the Favor you have accumulated and while it isn't an ideal indicator of difficulty, it's a decent starting point. Hit 10 times in a row with Xander's base attack. So if she can use it, then let her do that before firing off Celeste's Ultimate. Complete area 175 in the "The Missing Lord" free play. Unfortunately, he doesn't always exactly hit them. This formation is for new players with no Event Champs to swap in. Whenever we get a new Champion I consider how they might help with some of the harder variants. Good with: Everyone, but he can be formation-dependent due to how his buff works. I'd report it to CNE as a potential bug because that seems like it's working incorrectly as the debuff should always be there and only be negated when he's next to someone. If you're not optimized, or aren't sure if you are or aren't, that's a whole other issue the community can help with in the comments. Keep in mind, this is when NOT using potions of any kind. Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. The official subreddit for discussing Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, an official Dungeons & Dragons®-based idle clicker game from Codename Entertainment. I really need those Lawful options soon... 1 - Beast2 - Beast3 - Beast4 - Beast5 - Beast > Beast6 - Humanoid (Half-orc, Human)7 - Humanoid (Half-orc, Human)8 - Humanoid (Half-orc, Human)9 - Humanoid (Half-orc, Human)10 - Humanoid (Half-orc, Human) > Humanoid (Human)11 - Beast12 - Beast13 - Construct14 - Humanoid (Human)15 - Humanoid (Human) > Humanoid (Human)16 - Fey17 - Fey18 - Fey19 - Fey20 - Fey > Fey, Beast21 - Humanoid (Drow, Elf, Human)22 - Humanoid (Drow, Elf, Human)27 - Humanoid (Drow)28 - Humanoid (Drow)29 - Humanoid (Drow)30 - Humanoid (Drow) > Humanoid (Drow)31 - Beast32 - Beast33 - Beast34 - Humanoid (Human)35 - Humanoid (Human) > Humanoid (Human)36 - Beast37 - Beast38 - Beast39 - Humanoid (Gnoll)40 - Humanoid (Gnoll) > Ooze41 - Fey42 - Fey43 - Beast, Fey44 - Humanoid (Gnoll)45 - Humanoid (Gnoll) > Monstrosity46 - Humanoid (Gnoll)47 - Humanoid (Gnoll)48 - Humanoid (Gnoll), Monstrosity49 - Humanoid (Gnoll), Monstrosity50 - Humanoid (Gnoll) > Dragon. Note: This page is severely outdated and most of these formations aren't possible anymore. Once you've used Celeste's Ultimate, it's time to figure out if you can beat the Dragon. (At least to level 50). It just may take a very long time playing actively in this manner. It's usually wise to not attempt the mission variants until they show as Easy difficulty. The Champions arrive in Waterdeep to enjoy the festival of Midsummer. Info: The Waterdeep City Watch Officer insists that he accompany you on your adventure. You can start the adventures from the Campaign Map just like you would any other adventure, except that you must spend Event Tokens Sunflowers to start them. If you get Waffles, let her tick up her damage to max before firing off all your Ultimates at once (except for Celeste's).

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