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It should only take 4% of your current stacks. Ungeared Briv tanking alongside Tyril in my formation was able to help me get past my previous wall by 3 stages. Formation AbilitiesSteelbones: Whenever Briv comes under attack, metal shoots out of his pores, covering him in heavy armor. The point of it is to assist people that are setting their formations, letting the game run, then getting to their wall if they aren't actively playing. To me, on a first reading of Briv, it looks like they will be damn near indestructible. Truthfully, Briv gives Havilar a run for her money, and almost beats out my Calliope. "Briv is a tank, support, and healing champion. Another speed champ, woo! This page was last edited on 21 July 2020, at 16:02. Netherese Steel stacks remain if benched or moved around in formation. Are you using Aila full time, or just a bench swap? If the enemy can not reach Briv, they will not target him. Any enemies hit by the AoE can be taunted. Press J to jump to the feed. I should also mention that you don't actually have to tank with Briv to gain his Netherese buff. Whee! It would start again at 10 seconds on the next hit after healing triggers. Briv Steelmarrow is one of the champions of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. If you have 10 Sprint skips, it doesn't really matter if you're skipping stages 1-10 at 100% chance, or skipping stages 2, 5, 7, 14, etc; the time savings ends up being the same, everything else being equal. It's just highly individualized - but as a general rule, Briv should be providing a larger bonus.Even gearless, Briv is getting me an easy e6% buff with 40,000 stacks. When you reset the adventure, all stacks of Steelbones that Briv has gained convert into stacks of Sprint, which persist between resets until they are used by this ability. But I digress. thanks for the info as usual, answered all my questions. Long term, Briv's scaling will suffer comparatively. As a rule of thumb with the logarithms: Without the specialization, doubling the amount of stacks gives you 17 more skips, and 10 doubling the amount of stacks gives you 56 more skips. How long does it take to get enough blacksmithing contracts to raise his item 4 slot to at least lv500 without paying for chests? Will anyone who doesn't spend a lot of money on the game (and specifically on this champion) ever get to skip more than 1 level at a time with his ability? (not fool-proof but semi functional) #1. Tanking, Healing, and Support! In that case, Briv may even end up slowing down progression. Go to your highest level. This saves a bit more time, because levels where you must engage enemies to kill are flat-out slower to complete than one-shot levels. He uses his Unnatural Haste ability to speed up area progression, and his Steelbones boosts his defense while buffing Champions behind him. Example. The Frost Giant roflstomps tanks in 3 hits with e6 HP and 0 enrage, so there was 0 possibility to kill him. Note: Specialization Tempered Steel gives you a 100% bonus at Netherese Steel ability that is included on total. I do agree though - Briv doesn't help scripters that will just automatically reset and restart an adventure at more efficient spots. Assemble a party of champions and master the art of Formation Strategy. Briv is a Tank, Support, and Healing Champion. He pairs well with Sentry and Havilar and Aila, but pairs negatively with other tanks like Nayeli, Gromma, and Tyril because they have buffs that are based on the number of enemies being tanked. Overall, I think that's a net loss because I'm forced to use Aila (rather than swapping) and forced to use Sentry rather than a tank that buffs more. When you want to add Briv to your formation, you can swap him with Calliope (Slot 5). So should I just go Briv? Briv forces all of his remaining Netherese Metal out of his body, shooting it out in an arc in front of him and damaging all enemies that it passes through. In that time, *overnight*, Briv has gained about 50k stacks. When you reset the adventure, all stacks of Steelbones that Briv has gained convert into stacks of Sprint. As a comparison, Calliope for me gets 3e7% Valor buff and, 1.54e5% Global DPS with top-notch gear. Not sure you'll really need Tybear since Briv will just taunt the mobs anyways. As somebody who doesn't have maxed out CDR on Tyril, I really appreciate briv. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. But it does matter if you're skipping 1 stage or 4 stages. This only works if Briv can be legally targetted by the enemies. At this point, the buff he is providing to my dps is *Miniscule* compared to other buffers in that slot - we're talking his buff being in the low millions - e6 in the notation, while other buffers in that slot are giving substantially more, both in terms of their own buffs and their party DPS increase... As a tank, he doesn't even feel like a tank - he melts like sherbert under even the slightest amount of pressure, while even my squishiest of other tanks still stand up fine - and stood up better even back when they were in no gear. Healing Phlo: Briv's pet flumph Phlo appears next to Briv and telepathically stores healing power whenever Briv is hit. Basic AttackMocking Cleave: Briv leaps out and attacks a random enemy with his greatsword, cleaving all nearby enemies as well. Assuming I read the description correctly, As long as a mob cannot one-shot Briv, it will be impossible for a mob to kill Briv. Netherese Steel stacks remain even if the game crashes or your leave (so long as you are still in your current adventure). He could survive on its own healing up to 1/10th of his health lost per hit from a single mob. Long-term I can see him being replaced by a higher valued Support (like your Avren or Krull of the world), or a tank with a bigger draw to actually tank (your Tyril/Gromma/Nayeli of the world), or a dedicated healer with an on-demand full heal (your Celeste of the world). The official subreddit for discussing Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, an official Dungeons & Dragons®-based idle clicker game from Codename Entertainment. I'm not even supposed to be here today! It's not a big deal, because the next lowest level will pile up more enemies, and you'll just tank again and gain more stacks of Steelbones. But right now, you can easily slot him with no negative consequences for doing so - so why not use him? Also, you didn't mention Quilek's synergy with sentry or Alia. Unnatural Haste: Briv has a 25% chance of sprinting forward quickly on steel-springs after completing a new area, skipping the next area entirely. On each enemy hit, there is a 20% chance that they will stop attacking another Champion and attack Briv if possible. (For the record, I'm not new to the game - I've gone through many new champions, and have everyone unlocked, and I've always found Psylisa's guides to be very accurate and very helpful for assessing things, but this one just feels dramatically over-sold to me.). Likewise for surpassing 200%, 300%, etc.100% / 2 -> 50% chance to skip 2 areas200% / 4 -> 50% chance to skip 3 areas300% / 6 -> 50% chance to skip 4 areas. Briv's taunt decreases their buff value. After 10 hits or 10 seconds, whichever comes first, Phlo heals all Champions in the party for 50% of the damage Briv took during that time. That's where the time investment to gain Sprint stacks pays off, and for players that love going to their wall it only helps to get back there quicker. His HP pool is standard for a tank, but not exceptional. Briv Steelmarrow is an absolute beast of a Champion, a savage paladin who can offer tanking, healing, and support, all in one package. This could all charge when more Aeoris enter the pool, of course. On Xbox one briv's steelbones stacks don't seem to do anything to my dps.. Enemies that are taunted stay taunted until they are dead. Truthfully, I didn't want to do this guide and just be a lazy procrastinator. perk to increase healing on tank-tagged champions. Nothing about him or his abilities will utterly blow your numbers into the stratosphere, but it's really about the combination of things that this renaissance man brings that can allow you a bit more leeway in your formations (such as dropping Calliope or even Celeste). This should only be taken if you have Sprint stacks to use, and if you want to conserve them for more level skips. Excellent all-around champion that performs all of his roles above average. 2 Where can I find valid combinations? For tanks to work alongside Briv and his taunting ability. This works, even if you aren't going to use Briv to tank. Netherese Steel: Briv increases the damage of all Champions behind him by 0.01% for each stack of Steelbones he has gained. As a full roster heal based on the damage he takes, it's fairly easy to heal your entire roster fully every 10 seconds or 10 hits due to the HP disparity between tanks and non-tanks.

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