how to use parkmobile app

If incorrect, you can tap the location field to change it. Parkmobile is a pay-by-phone parking application. Why Use ParkMobile? Whether you prefer Apple Pay, PayPal or just using a specific credit card, ParkMobile lets you pay for parking your way. When you’re parking on-the-go, ParkMobile puts the power in the palm of your hand. 1) Park your car. Download the free Parkmobile app now! • Skip the meter and easily pay for parking right on your mobile device • Extend your parking time remotely from the app If you don't see Parkmobile signage, use the app to locate the zone. ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in the U.S., announced today that it is seamlessly integrating the ParkMobile experience within the new Google Pay app. If you are ever having problems with the ParkMobile app, you can easily make payments on the ParkMobile website. Park in any campus or medical center parking lot and look for the Parkmobile sign or sticker. How to Use the ParkMobile App. With this integration, Google Pay users can pay for parking in over 240 ParkMobile cities across the U.S. without needing to download a separate parking app or create an account. Get the Parkmobile App. Open the Parkmobile app and check the proposed parking zone based on your GPS location, Press ‘start’ to start your parking session. Easily find and pay for parking from your phone without having to rush back to the meter. Let ParkMobile make the journey easier whichever way you choose to get where you’re going. Add up to seven different payment methods to your account, or use the Wallet to pre-load funds into our parking app. This will take you to a sign in page where you can enter your ParkMobile username and password. Visit and either select "Enter Zone Number" or "Sign In/Sign Up" then select "Zone Parking". ParkMobile is available in over 350 cities including New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Download ParkMobile on the App Store; Download ParkMobile on Google Play; How to Use the App. The ParkMobile app eliminates lost parking tickets or fumbling with cash and credit cards at the exit lanes. How do I use the Parkmobile app to park on campus? Phone, text or App. Enter your zone # by referring to nearby signage or using … If your GPS is turned on for Parkmobile, the app will populate your city or location based on that. Get started today — grab our app from the App … At select airports, ParkMobile helps travelers exit the airport parking lot faster. Payment methods may vary in different locations. 2) Activate. We’ll help you find the best places to park across all major cities in North America. Confirm if your payment method is accepted on the parking app. 3) Deactivate. Individuals can use Parkmobile to purchase parking, monitor the time remaining on their parking session, and even add time to the purchase remotely via their mobile device. How to Pay by App. Additionally, you can choose to park a different vehicle by tapping the Vehicle field (the license plate number you … This means more time enjoying the ride and activities when you get there. Travelers can scan their mobile phone at the parking exit to pay for parking. Once registered, enter the zone number located on stickers and signs on … How to Register - English (JPG) How to Register - Spanish Page 1 (JPG) How to Register - Spanish Page 2 (JPG) Enter the location number posted on the parking meter or nearby signs. With the Parkmobile app you can easily park based on your GPS location. What is Parkmobile? Only pay for the parking you actually need. View a video on How To Use ParkMobile. Download ParkMobile. How to Register. After confirmation you are parked and ready to go. Parkmobile will then calculate the length of your stay and charge your payment card for the correct amount.

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