how to secure android phone from theft

In Settings, look for a submenu named Backup Options, Privacy, Accounts, or something similar. Save thousands off MSRP with upfront dealer pricing information and a transparent car buying experience. Once you locate your phone, don’t try to recover it yourself. On Android phones, you can also type such a message in the Owner Info section of the Security submenu in Settings. For the app to be useful, the phone must be turned on and have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. If it's nearby, have the phone ring. Smart phones have a unique serial number known as an IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) or MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier). Try dialing #06#. Less-common nonworld phones from Verizon and Sprint have a different ID number called a mobile equipment identifier, or MEID. My Photo Stream, a free service designed for sharing photos with other Apple device owners, stores up to 1,000 photos (not videos). I know, it's so simple. (Before doing that, though, check the backups on your computer or cloud service to make sure that you have copies of all the irreplaceable photos and videos on your phone.) This is your first and strongest line of defense. On phones with rubbery or rough surfaces, neatly write that info, using a fine-point permanent marker, on a small strip of duct or electrical tape, which cling better to such surfaces. Here's how you can keep strangers from accessing your personal information, safely back up and retrieve the photos and videos you've stored in the device, and, with a little luck, increase your chances of recovering your phone. Smartphones are everywhere now, before the market was dominated by Blackberry and Windows Mobile. These days more and more companies are adopting Android, Windows Phone and iPhone instead. Even if you haven’t taken protective measures ahead of time, you may still be able to locate a lost or stolen phone—assuming you have a Google account and use it on the phone. In case of a theft, a simple text message or online command will lock the phone for further use, back up and remove all valuable information, start tracking the thief’s moves and notify the authorities. Google made this a default feature with Android Lollipop. The software enables you to remotely contact your mobile and stay in control. Protect your Android phone from loss or theft Every mugger and pickpocket in the world knows that your smartphone represents hundreds of dollars in hardware and information. Apple took smart phone protection a step further on its iPhone models that run iOS 7, with a powerful feature that prevents anyone from using the phone—even after it's wiped clean—unless they type in your iTunes ID and Password. Or at least they can be. Activation Lock has been available for only a few months, so it’s too soon to tell if it has had a noticeable impact on iPhone thefts. Snuko works on Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices but the Android version seems to … You might also want to jot down your phone’s IMEI number. Now let’s add some stronger protection. On a Nexus 6P, for example, you go to Settings > Security > Lock screen message. Here you’ll find a record of where your phone has been, and the default display tells you where it is right now. The same GPS and network connections that help your phone find the best nearby restaurants and the fastest way home can help you find and protect that phone should it go missing. Since thieves will probably turn off the phone fairly quickly, yank out its SIM card, or put it in a room or box shielded from wireless connections, it’s imperative that as soon you learn that your phone is missing, you send it any commands you think appropriate. PCWorld We found it faster than typing a PIN. As soon as possible, log on to your "find my phone" service from a secure device. The 10 best ways to secure your Android phone. On Windows phones, the factory reset option is in Settings under About Windows Phone. Notifying the police not only launches an official recovery attempt, but is also required for a credit freeze. Selecting a carrier-neutral source, such as Apple's iCloud, Android's Google +, or Microsoft's OneDrive will make it easier to retrieve your precious memories should your next phone be from a different carrier. The first 5 gigabytes are free, but you can buy more for an annual fee: 15GB for $20; 25GB for $40; and 50GB for 100. Your cell carrier already has this 15-digit number on file, and may be able to use it to put the phone on a missing phone list. Phone carriers, phone makers, and operating systems typically offer free over-the-air backup for phone camera content, settings, and more. It has photos of the places you've been and people in your life. Some police departments ask for either of these numbers when you report a stolen phone, so that they'll be able to return it to you if it's recovered. For iPhones, Android, or Windows phones. Send your query to [email protected]]. On a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you find the field under Settings > Device > Lock Screen > Show Information > Additional Information. (Yes, it’s creepy, but Google promises that “only you can see it,” and in this situation, you’ll be happy that you can.). These offer two pre-installed photo or video backup options: My Photo Stream and iCloud Backup, both of which are part of the iCloud constellation of services. We were able to go from a sleeping screen to the desktop in about a second. And you're going to be concerned because that phone holds a pocket-sized summary of your digital life. If it's not close enough for you to reach within the next few minutes, push the erase button. Microsoft OneDrive (formerly Sky Drive) provides 7GB of free storage for photos, videos and more. and change your passwords. What are some steps to take into account to protect an Android phone in case of theft? Start with the financial and shopping accounts that have your credit card on file, such as or your bank, and quickly move on to e-mail and social networks. Playing Clint Eastwood could get you killed. As smartphone users, we live in dangerous times. If the phone is stolen, you can contact your service provider to blacklist the IMEI number. Here are key actions to take. While typing a nontrivial password may feel cumbersome at first, it should get much easier with practice. You’ll have to enter your Google account password to enable it. ET Wealth explains how you can utilise the built-in security features of such phones to protect them better. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. To be on the safe side, reset the phone to factory settings. Again, nothing is foolproof, but the kill switch works often enough to significantly discourage thieves. According to a Consumer Reports article, the number of stolen phones dropped from 3.1 million in 2013 to 2.1 in 2014 as kill switches became popular. You might also want to read Ryan Whitwam’s article on Android’s Device Protection. Phone Security: 20 Ways to Secure Your Mobile Phone Every bit of sensible information and access now fits in the palm of our hands, inside our smartphones. Inform your bank and credit card companies that you've lost your phone to alert them to possible fraudulent charges. Put a strong passcode This is the first step to keeping your phone secure. The feature, called Activation Lock, is built into iOS 7 and automatically enabled when you set up the Find My iPhone feature. You never know what malicious app or spyware someone may have installed while the phone was out of your hands. If your phone provides this option, activate it. In addition to reporting … Download the Android Device Manager from Google Play. If you can't get the device back, taking a few steps right away can help protect your information. How you do this will differ from phone to phone. The Anti-Theft feature in Avast Mobile Security allows you to connect to your device if it is lost or stolen and execute several commands remotely from your Avast Account. Malware makers, phishers, they really are all out to get you. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Trust me. On Android phones, you can also type such a message in the Owner Info section of the Security submenu in Settings.

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