how to pronounce s i m p l y

b. be. These are the voiced consonants: B, D, G, J, L, M, N, Ng, R, Sz, V, W, Y, Z, and Th ( as in “then”) W sounds. NOTE: The consonants c, s, sh, ch and x are voiceless though they use the sibilants ending seen above. The pronunciation of S at the end of plural nouns, verbs in third person and as a part of the possessive case sometimes causes problems for non-native speakers because it can be pronounced in three different ways: / ɪz /, / s / or / z /. This letter sounds like the ah sound you use to express realization in English: Ah, that's the one! Before we learn the difference ways to pronounce the final S, we must first know what voiced and voiceless consonants are as well as sibilant sounds: A voiced consonant (or sound) means that it uses the vocal cords and they produce a vibration or humming sound in the throat when they are said. Put your finger on your throat and then pronounce the letter L. You will notice a slight vibration in your neck / throat. Pronounce s sound. for (var i=0; i

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