how to promote cultural tourism

We have seen successful cases where these processes have been initiated by politicians but others in which the catalysts were citizens who became promoters of change by starting businesses that have involved and impressed the local population. When I brush the old wall, the traces left by Read more…, This post is also available in: Xi ‘an is my hometown. Today cities and festivals are closely linked and other festivals have begun with the same identity as the city of Mantova. Ingegnere, futurista e fondatrice di Discoverplaces. In a period of economic prosperity we could have teams of environmental professionals ready to ‘polish’ the city, but in lean times we must do it ourselves. In this way portals like Specialpeople Specialplaces, that tell stories about places and people, can be useful. The place where we live, the spaces we share with others should not be felt as a ‘public responsibility’ but as a ‘common good’. The power of small centres is incredible because only in these centres can identification occur between the place and an event that becomes part of its identity. In the first case, the artwork to promote tourismhas been prepared by experts specifically for various visitor target groups: children, students, adults, enthusiasts, historians, etc. By hosting bloggers in your country you can have them promote your tourism industry on the internet with articles and hashtags on social media. In this case there are hundreds of culprits: the first is the one who has thrown or dropped it on the ground (and we should apply penalties for this) but all the others are the ones who saw it and did nothing. ... workforce or cultural development news, issues, resources, tools, research or events. If my daughter comes home leaving a sock on the floor while I am preparing for guests, I do not expect them to have to pick it up. IT Effective Edutainment and Infotainment requires preparation and an active involvement of the public. When I brush the old wall, the traces left by Read more…, This post is also available in: Xi ‘an is my hometown. Scrolling down the list of successful events we can appreciate how each situation represents a case to be individually analyzed but all have some aspects in common: the close connection between the territory and the theme of the event. This is just the first step to make citizens welcome travelers, by offering them the experiences they seek communicated in a language they understand. Even reading the words ‘book festival’ my mind immediately connects with some events that are well known such as the Mantua Literature Festival. In general it is advisable to follow a road with a two levels. The closure of many small bookshops has increased people’s needs for interaction and the desire to find oneself among people who share the same passion. An example of this is the case of Candelara, a village near Pesaro, a small village enclosed by walls, in which a ‘Candlelight Festival’ has been held every December since 2004. What are the steps to enhance this tourism? Differences must be respected knowing that, in any case, tourists are looking for something different that does not frighten them too much. We'll assume you accept this policy as long as you are using this website, “Pills of Tourism with Claudia Bettiol: Tourism 365 days a year, Acquapendente and the Pugnaloni”, Ceprano Town Ambassador Award for the musician and journalist Dino Valle, Umberto Schina, the vineyards of the Selva and the entrance to Paliano, Xian, when we first met I didn’t know what I was missing. One of the most common mistakes is that small businesses consider communication a cost and not an investment and this ‘clips their wings’. First step. When a tourist arrives in a place and sees waste paper on the floor, he is not interested in knowing if that paper was to be collected by a civil servant or a private one, his conclusion is just that ‘no one has picked up the paper’. On the one hand, become involved in portals where tourist experiences and offers are highlighted and sold with a percentage retained by the portal. I know this is not just a sense of Read more…, This post is also available in: Have you ever met an Italian who doesn’t love bel canto? The web is divided into sites and portals, on the one part, and the social network for the other part. So, on one hand there are disillusioned people who cease doing anything, while on the other there are people who want to look more deeply into issues in order to understand the meaning of what is happening and to rebuild their local society. These are small details spread throughout your town that can never be programmed by one person, but come from the many individual efforts. A sort of small tourist package of varying duration: from one hour to two or more days.

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