how to hatch duck eggs at home without incubator

When we first got our Welsh Harlequin ducks, I was just looking for a nice little backyard flock. Hatching Eggs without an Incubator Posted on June 29, 2019 July 1, 2019 by Megan In the last article , I talked about how we were able to incubate our 25-day-old duck eggs after their mother was killed, using only a heat pad and some elbow grease. If you’re saving eggs for a few days before putting them in the incubator, store them at room temperature. If the incubator is not already in operation, start the incubator and allow the temperature and humidity to stabilize a day or two before setting eggs. A broody duck or chicken hen can be used as a live incubator if you have access to one. Use a muscovy duck, as they are able to hatch 12-15 duck eggs at a time. But with the higher humidity also comes higher bacterial bloom. Don’t worry if you can’t get the humdity up high enough with the glass jar. Use a broody chicken hen or duck if you do not have an incubator. Chicken, duck, and game bird (quail, pheasant, partridge) eggs all have similar incubation rules. Eggs are fragile and respond dramatically to the slightest change in overall incubation temperature. Choosing eggs to incubate. Put your eggs in your incubator on their side. Find a broody duck or hen. If your incubator requires manual turning mark your eggs with a top and a bottom eg (X&O), you will need to rotate your eggs a ¼ turn 4 times a day for the next 23 days. Hatching duck eggs is just as easy as as hatching out baby chicks! I hope these tips will help answer any questions you have about how to hatch duck eggs, and that soon you'll have your own adorable fluff-balls peeping and cheeping away! Don’t incubate eggs older than 10 days, and eggs no older than 7 days are best. Duck eggs require between 50-70% humidity for most of the hatch cycle and around 80% the last few days before hatching. 1. If you come across a bunch of eggs you’re not sure about, and want a test, put the egg gently in water and do an egg float test.. The humidity in the incubator needs to be a bit higher for hatching duck eggs than for hatching chicken eggs. Eggs can be held for about a week before incubation without a problem. Put the nest box in a clean dry shelter. The process of hatching duck eggs is almost similar to that of chicken eggs. You must have enough patience, as it may take up to 35 days for duck eggs to hatch. Basic procedures and conditions for hatching duck eggs are as follows. Make sure that you purchase fertile eggs and the right incubator that is fit for hatching duck eggs. After spending the last 4 years hatching ducklings, I have kept accurate records of humidity (more recently using the recording software of the RCOM 20 Pro USB) and I have kept records of the weight of each egg at different times during the incubation period, in a search to find the ‘right’ humidity for duck eggs. Add to that the longer incubation period necessary for duck eggs and you run the risk of a weak hatch. Not sitting up or down like they would in the store. If you do not already have a brooding bird on your farm, you can purchase one from another farm, or a local farm animal distributor. You need fertilized duck eggs, a proper incubator and an incubator thermometer. Development of the embryo only begins when the egg is warmed to the correct temperature. Place the egg under a broody duck or chicken hen and wait 27 to 29 days. Pre-Incubation: The ideal holding temperature is about 60 degrees. Holding Eggs Before The Incubation Period. A refrigerator is too cold. If your incubator has an automatic rotator or rocker you can set and forget. Brooding birds are birds that are incubating their own eggs. Set the temperature at 37.5°C (99.5°F) and relative humidity at 55% (84.5°F on wet bulb thermometer). If you want to hatch a bird artificially, you must have an incubator with a reliable temperature regulator. Caring for Your Ducklings After They Hatch

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