how to get rid of blue jays

the blue jays you might just have to give then some sunflower seeds in another spot on your property. Not sure if framing came with the corners it snaps together with. It shows a lot about a person's character when you feed small songbirds then you are negative and sometimes cruel to the other wildlife you draw in such as squirrels and blue jays. Do you not know that the bluejays establish pecking orders like all other wildlife, that does not mean smaller birds are bullied, they are able to eat at the feeders as well. © 2020 WILD SKY MEDIA. Try either that, or some other item that will sparkle in the sun. Get peanuts (Costco/Sams Club) and sunflower seeds. Perhaps if you hung a picture of a predator of some kind (a cat, for instance) facing the outside, it would keep them at bay. How Long Does a Sparrow Care for Their Young? I don't believe in shooting birds that's sick. It's always waking me up and it continues to peck throughout the day. I suggest outer sun screens. Be Her Village. My proactive solution after the experience was...after the babies were gone from the nest...tying CDs (compact disks) to strings and hanging them from the branches. Empower Her. You can try to remove the food sources by the window, or in an extreme case get rid of the tree… Yes, they may occasionally eat a egg or two that has fallen from a nest or even a fledgling, but so will snakes, opossums, skunks, flying squirrels, and crows. You can attract Blue Jays with eggshells. They are so obnoxious I just want to shoot them. Songbirds, including bluejays, are protected by law. It's annoying and it continues to steal cat food. I'm having the same issue except I have 10-12 Blue Jays and they're tearing up my flower baskets and they are just loud and obnoxious and have chased away all my other birds Eastern Towhee and Hermit Thrush among others...all the really cool songbirds that I enjoy. They don't like owls, not even plastic ones. Get peanuts (Costco/Sams Club) and sunflower seeds. For that, I got another 2' plastic owl with a swiveling head. Get a cat (this has already proven to be a source of entertainment for the birds, not a means to rid the yard of them) Change the food in your bird feeder, if you have one in the yard; Children’s windmills; One Web site even offered up a CD that can be played in the yard that guarantees it will chase away Blue Jays … Do not tie the CD's too close to one another. There are some ideas on Pinterest, but they look too complicated! Not because I had a crow problem, oh no, it was a blue jay problem I had. Domesticated cats kill for sport, play with the birds they catch or rodents, and leave it to die, taking food from the natural predator's mouth which is the owls' and hawks' food that they need to survive. Guess I'm lucky! The jays were hanging out there and attacking my cats. Blue jays can be extremely aggressive, especially when they have young chicks, and can dive bomb you, your kids and your pets. I got a CD from a site called Crow be Gone. Look when you make the decision to bird feed, you will attract all different types of wild life. They figure out very quickly that it isn't a threat, and they go on about their business. Then recycle fruit, vegetable peels and eggshells. Your best strategy will be to exclude or block them from reaching the food. I have been a avid birdfeeder for almost 2 years now. If you don't want them around at all, leave a few peanuts out on the ground leading farther away from your house each day. I hope this information will help someone who is having issues with blue jays. Now there are atleast three birds taking up a home around my house. Do your research. This only occurs during nesting season, during winter season they forage together. Pretty soon they will forget your place and move on. Tie one piece of string to each old CD or DVD by threading the string through the center hole. I love my song birds and they are at peace now with the jays gone. The bluejays do good for the other birds at feeders. They eat with the squirrels and other birds without any problems. (06/20/2005), Apparently if you use old CDs hung on fishing line, the bright reflection will help scare off birds. They look terrible hanging from the bush in the front I am working on a prettier way...just haven't come up with a good one yet. The domesticated cat is not a natural predator to wildlife. Tie one piece of string to each old CD or DVD by threading the string through the center hole. If they didn't scare them the motion knocked into them. If you want to get fancier, you can go to Lowes or Home Depot and purchase an owl. The "Blue Jays" name originates from the bird of the same name. ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! This is how God created it to be to keep populations of wildlife in control. Bluejays are just as good as a watch dog whenever any predators are around, they let all the other wildlife know. i am not sure on your laws in your state but in michigan crows are legal to shoot . but i would get … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Then they leave. We have this blue jay that sits by a window of our house and steals our cat food (we have an OUTDOOR cat). I use to have mourning doves that had nests by my front door that have been scared off along with sparrows and other birds because of the blue Jay. You can buy a roll of screen and frame lengths with rubber insert rope and a roller tool to make your own of any size. The Average Life Span of Blue & Gold Macaws. but the crows are another thing . You need to research before you put feeders up, I would suggest changing birdseed, certain birds only eat certain type of birdseed. (06/20/2005) So we hung up a lightweight, full-size, plastic owl from the lower branch of our willow tree. Watch Blue Jays visit your compost pile for a snack, instead of your feeders. They are probably seeing and pecking at their reflection in the window. It worked well, then the redbird moved to another window. (06/22/2007), I started feeding the blue jays peanuts a year ago and have not had a problem. This is my favorite, Followed closely by this one The short term solution was to go out the back door and avoid the site...but that didn't help the mailman and others who use the area near the nest....just had to warn everyone to be careful. (06/26/2005), I agree about the reflection; he probably thinks it's another bird and is "fighting" over his territory. (06/19/2005), I had a red bird that beat itself repeatedly against some of my windows. I don't have ANY feeders out and never have. Sometimes it starts pecking around five in the morning. I have some that are a light tan color from the hardware store. We solve the mealworm problem by simply not allowing the Bluejays to have any. Within 3 days the blue jays were gone. Tie several CDs or DVDs to tree branches where the blue jays gather. Songbirds benefit from having blue jays at your feeders. Click below to answer. Pretty soon they will forget your place and move on. Once blue jays establish territory, they share equal time at the feeders. At least the Jays are quiet all night. The birds work it out as far as the times they eat at the feeders, they take turns. The CDs were tied with string to the underside of the step. Someone help me get rid of these birds. As far as your cat goes, you need to be more concerned about allowing your domesticated cat to roam free unsupervised. (06/21/2008). What finally worked were CDs and an electronic bird chaser. This is what I learned. Bluejays as well as all other songbirds do not start chirping at 5:00 in the morning, this is misleading information which makes me to question your credibility on this post. Those jays are mean birds. Very scary. We don't even try to get rid of ours as having Blue Jays is better than having Mocking Birds. Bluejays do not go around killing songbirds on a daily basis. I had some pesky Blue Jays try to rebuild a nest on my fire escape, right under the last steel step. Then if your using bullets hopefully they don't hit someone on their way back down.I found a way to get rid of all the blue jays that were attacking my song birds. Use your scissors to cut several pieces of string about six to eight inches long. It works for pigeons here in Australia. Oh are blue jays mean...they were nested in a dense bush near my front door a few years ago and tried several times to attack my dog and me when we were on our morning outside puppy pit stop. Use it to hang the CDs from tree branches. Now there are at least three birds taking up a home around my house. You hear wildbirds at 6:30am in the summer and until around 7:30-8:00 in the evening. Set up a feeding station away from your bedroom windows. The discs should be several feet apart.

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