how to do fake damascus

According to authentic historical methods, creating Damascus using Wootz steel is a lost art, which is why pattern welding is the most common and original method of creating Damascus. Random Damascus Steel Billet. This random pattern is the classic, rippling design you’ll see on most finished Damascus projects. To simplify, there are two methods that you can ensure whether Damascus steel is real or not: by checking whether they are Wootz and pattern-welded steel. If you can’t compare it to what you know is real then a little test is necessary. In a fake Damascus knife, the edge will be uniform, leaving a randomly marked surface. The original Damascus steel has the capability of cutting through a rifle barrel. A fake Damascus blade would very likely look old but will not be old. One of the most pressing concerns that knife-lovers face is whether Damascus steel is real or fake. The word “Damascus” goes back to medieval western cultures and refers to an earlier style of craftsmanship that first emerged in India around 300 B.C. 7 years ago. You can usually tell a fake Damascus blade just by looking at it. The dark part of the pattern is the laser marking. In wootz Damascus steel or pattern welded steel, the original pattern will reemerge following submersion of the blade in the acid solution. This attractive yet mysterious steel has captured the imagination of many so I’ll do my best to explain what it is and how it’s made. If you’re really adamant on knowing whether your Damascus is real or fake, the only real way to tell is to completely polish the pattern out of the blade. While it will still be a grind to obtain Damascus camos, setting your sights on equipment and killstreaks gives a much more streamlined way to unlocking Modern Warfare’s most exclusive skins. It is also possible to forge weld sections of high- and low-layer bars into one billet and get […] You can use sandpaper to get that satin look. Once it’s nice and polished, etch it with ferric chloride or muriatic acid. There are many bladesmiths out there who are capable of folding steel and producing patterns that are similar to those produced by the real Damascus steel. I have just bought one from Tsuki Knife but the layers of steels are too fade , those pattern in front of the handle, the blade itself is not too sharp and the laminated layers are too smooth that you cant feel the difference when you move your thumb across. Most fake Damascus patterns that look “real” are laser etched. Revealing the unique character of each piece is part of the fun as you work. This will usually be very easy to buff off with rubbing compound or fine steel wool. In the fake Damascus steel blades, the edge of the knife will be uniform, leaving a randomly marked surface. How to Make Basic Patterns The layer counts are only a starting point and you may find that you prefer more or less. Most of the time, when people think of Damascus steel patterns, this is what they picture. In specialized damascus patterns, such as radials or jellyrolls, far fewer layers are needed. If you are unable to tell whether the Damascus steel is fake or real, all you have to do is to carry out acid etching so that the wavy patterns can be revealed. Then, you immerse the blade in an acid solution. Is this a fake damascus? In fact, Damascus steel is hard and has features that will not be present in any fake Damascus steel blade. I think even expensive genuine folded steels are etched to really bring out the layers because after grinding and heat treat it is hard to differentiate layers. A real one will most likely be very old and possibly weakened by the elements and time. Note that there are cases where unscrupulous traders will fake patterns by welding the blades using acid or nail polish. Damascus is a unique wavy pattern that you’ll find in steel with a certain aesthetic appeal.

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