how to cook butter beans with ham hock

About 4 minutes later, add the ham hock, coat with the butter, and cook 3 minutes more. Ham hocks are the portion of the hog's leg where the joint forms between the foot and the leg. How To Cook Ham Hock and Mustard Greens by: wazzup 1st you take your hammhocks and put them in a pot and let it boil on high when they get real hot and it starts boiling very high chop up your onions and put them in the pot to get ready for your greens.And this is how you cook hammhocks. Ham hocks typically need plenty of time to cook and tenderize. The overlooked ham hocks recipe is the star of this dish. Once it begins to pull away from the bone, the meat can be pulled apart and mixed in with the butter beans. For this dish, as the meat cooks with the beans, the hock will begin to break down. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer over low heat, and cook until the beans are very soft and … Ham hocks and beans are a southern dish that can be served as a main dish along with corn bread, fritters and other southern side dishes. Pinto beans with ham hocks is a mainstay on tables throughout the South. Add the butter beans, vermouth, stock, red pepper flakes, and water. This is the perfect ham hocks recipe for you. Because of its ability to be made in large batches, it is a common item at family gatherings, Sunday dinners and barbecues. The ubiquitous Southern beans don't hold back on fat, as they are simmered with a ham hock for hours, and can work as a meal on their own when paired with a piece of cornbread. If you like smoked ham, this recipe is for you. Creamy beans, a savory sauce and fresh herbs make this dish a winner. While not an extremely meaty piece of pork, the ham hock is very flavorful and adds a delicious pork flavor to any dish. Poaching is involves cooking food in liquid with a temperature ranging from 140F to 180F. Oct 13, 2009 Rating: How to cook Pinto Beans with Ham Hocks by: Anonymous PINTO BEANS AND HAM HOCKS 3 …

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