how to build a nightstand with a drawer

Hi Ladies. Refinish Outdoor Furniture the Easiest Way Possible. Use 1×6’s for the draws and cut (6) side pieces at 16″ long and (3) fronts and (3) backs both at 14″ long. This helped it go in much smoother. Nightstand from Reclaimed Wood This nightstand features a cool looking base as well as a deep drawer. Home Depot, at least in my area, carries 2x2x8 select pine. I do understand though. It’s less money than the poplar. Sliding Barn Door Nightstand Plan. Regular plywood would not look good for the shelves and you need to have large enough material to complete the design. The groove should be on the bottom of the inside face of each board and should be 1/4″ deep, 1/4″ wide, and 1/4″ up from the bottom. When finished you have a U-shaped channel made by the grooves and open on the back. I love the shape of this piece, the flush top and sides give it a sleek feel with clean lines. Attach the side frame pieces to the top frame piece with 2 1/2" pocket hole screws and wood glue. Then rip the (6) sides and (3) fronts down to 4-1/2″ in width and the (3) backs down to 4″ in width. Kent, that looks great! Center the rails on the inside of the frames and attach them with 1 1/4" pocket hole screws and wood glue. You could also just cut the panel a little bigger and nail it to the bottom as well if you don’t have a tablesaw. Way to go on your first project! 2x2x8 Framing Lumber (I ripped from 2×4's), 1/2"x3/75"x8' Hardwood Plywood (can be ripped from the 3/4"), 1/2"x3/4"x8' Trim (I ripped mine from 1x boards). I’ll send you a pic of the result. Build 4 shelves. Use a known right angle to check for square during assembly. Now that the body of the DIY nightstand is done, it’s time to make those 3 drawers. Now is a good time to paint the frame if you want it to be a different finish than the shelves and drawers. I will be making this for sure. I attach with 1-1/4″ Pocket screws and no glue. Hi Brad my very first project almost done with one, just need to stain it we went with Espresso. Attach the top shelf pieces to the top of the shelves with 1 1/4″ brad nails and wood glue. Thanks for the advice and for the great plan. I made sure to check my drawer dimensions to see if they fit correctly, and the drawer had a hard time going in unless I fidgeted with it for a while. Next assemble the back of the DIY nightstand, which is exactly like the side assemblies you just made except it doesn’t have 2×2’s on the left and right. Love this design and thought that you had a console/sofa table with the middle shelf slanted like a library shelf instead of drawers around the same time. To mount the cleats to the nightstand body, predrill 1/4″ holes in the corners of the cleats. You guys forgot to place the drawer slides on you supply list (even though you talk about them in your instructions). You can get detailed instructions on how we installed our drawers in the post above! This is what the drawer frame should look like at this point. . Here is what you’ll need for the project: Affiliate links are used on this page. I love the two-tone look! Assemble the 1×6 side panels using 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws. Each side panel is made of (3) 19-7/8″ 1×6’s surrounded by a 16-1/2″ top and bottom 2×2 and (2) 26″ 2×2’s for the sides. The tabletop for this nightstand is 18″W x 14″L. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed this project. Head over to my Furniture Projects page if you want more great furniture projects! DIY 3 Drawer Nightstand Tutorial: A rustic touch to a modern bedroom just balances the vibes there and make it look so accomplished and fun to enjoy a complete decorative look. I decided to build 2 of them anyway. It’s not in the material list. Make sure the grooves in the sides and front are all facing inward and are aligned where they meet in the corners. Drill 1 1/2" pocket holes at the top of each side piece. This lets you adjust the drawers as needed. Measure and cut the back shelf piece to size, drill 3/4″ pocket holes on one edge and both ends of the board. Here is this traditional kind of nightstand pair to add in your bedroom decor with three drawers for enough storage to hold your knick-knack and more. Now all that is left is the staining and attaching the drawer fronts to finish up your DIY nightstand. The drawers will be helpful and yet still have drawers to hold things that don’t need to be seen! The Kreg Right Angle clamp is a lifesaver when building drawers. Thanks so much for the plans and inspiration. Attach the bottom shelf to the frame with 1 1/2″ wood screws from the inside of the shelf and into the frame. I found this article, modified, and built it. We bought a Kreg Jig at Lowe’s for $40, it’s the same brand as the one Young House Love uses. Cut the side frame aned top frame pieces to size. The last thing to attach are the drawer slides. Make sure to share your builds with us on social media and use #shanty2chic so we can share them too! Attach the top shelf the same way making sure to allow a 3/4" over hang on the front and back, as well. You featured it in a child’s room as extra storage . Center the rails on the inside of the frames and attach them with 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws and wood glue.

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