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Now they could add a pop up where the student can ask the teacher out and the teacher has the option to say no... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The super fun text-based life simulator for iOS & Android. Compared to the medical professions we mentioned above, you don’t need to be exceptionally smart for starters — perhaps a starting Smarts of 50 will do. The important thing when aspiring for a Professor job in BitLife is to make sure you attend Graduate School, so you’re going to want to continue studying hard and keeping your nose clean in order to get a scholarship to grad school. Before anyone thinks this is creepy, no I am not asking for a make love option between the teacher and his highschool students, but a flirt option, gift option, and the option to give a fixed grade would be cool. However, you won’t get all the perks that may otherwise be available in other celebrity lines of work — you cannot star in TV commercials, because what ad agency in their right mind would cast an adult film star to endorse a mainstream product? Although chiropractors don’t get as much love in the real world as the average medical practitioner, you could earn well over $100,000 per year once you make it to Sr. Chiropractor, thus making it one of the better job options for those with a college education or better. Now this is not to be confused with the Porn Set Janitor and Pornography Historian careers, which are listed separately — when trying to collect the Pornographer career, you want to take either one of three jobs, and these are Porn Writer, Porn Cameraman, and Porn Actor. So what type of character do you need to start with when trying to collect the Pilot career in the game? A good memory tool for this would be to look for the icon with a starry-eyed smiley. Back in the day, you needed to take a rather unorthodox path if you wanted to be a Chief Pilot in BitLife — before the introduction of pilot’s licenses in the game, you actually had to finish Medical School if you wanted to become a Chief Pilot, and if that doesn’t sound strange, we don’t know what is. Aside from missing out on those $2 million-per-pop commercial deals, another downside of working as a famous Porn Star is the fact that most companies will terminate you once you reach your early 50s. And just as usual, joining a fraternity is a great way to avoid the job interview and get hired right from the get-go, although this isn’t always guaranteed. Of course, you’ll be starting out again at the entry level, but if you’re young enough and want to earn more money while broadening your horizons, you can definitely go for the aforementioned changes in career at any time. Compared to most of the other jobs in this list, becoming a Professor requires a bit more patience. As I feel you should be able to do a lot more illegal things, when the app first came out I would occasionally run into a pop up where my teacher would be flirting with my 16 year old character, I could reciprocate but it never went any further. Faculty Staff are teachers, professors, principals, and deans. If you’re trying to collect the Financial Advisor career, it is highly recommended that you have a character who has at least decent Smarts — all other stats are irrelevant, as long as your starting Smarts are around 60 or so. to the less-glamorous (janitor, bus driver, etc. If your Smarts are still below 85 by the time you enter middle school, we would strongly recommend joining a club to get that stat up to the 90 range by the time you’re ready to choose your college course. Of course, be prepared for rebukes from your family if you have parents with high Religiousness stats — they won’t be happy to hear that their son or daughter is working in such a sinful trade. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at all six careers and how to succeed in them! Teacher/professor career Does anyone else think adding students to the these careers would give a lot more game play. Compared to most of the other jobs in this list, becoming a Professor requires a bit more patience. We Bitizens! This, however, requires that you have finished Graduate School or Business School — it’s only two years, so you might as well have a post-graduate education if your grades in college are high enough and you want to become your company’s chief executive. That is, however, provided your Smarts are at 70 or greater by the time you’re in middle school. Related: BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Runway Model, Veterinarian, Real Estate Agent or a Dental Hygienist. Again, you want to do this while you’re younger, as it might not be a very wise idea to switch careers later in life and have to work your way up once again to a salary of $100,000 or greater! What’s important, however, is completing 40 hours of Flight School and passing your pilot’s license. Spoiler alert — you’ll need to go through Medical School if you want to be a Physical Therapist, and oftentimes, you can’t get in there with good grades alone. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about what you need to do to collect the careers and get promoted to the highest possible position in each of them, but before we proceed, keep in mind that you need to work at least 20 years in the same career in order to collect it, and all the currency figures we shall refer to below are in US dollars. And with that said, it’s imperative that you study hard and avoid trouble all throughout. This stat is far more important for the Porn Actor job than Porn Cameraman — even average-looking Bitizens can find work as a Porn Cameraman, though that might limit your chances of getting promoted to Porn Actor after a few years. The career track for Physical Therapist includes three positions, starting with Jr. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There’s nothing too complicated here, and when it comes to your choice of college course, there don’t appear to be any restrictions — you can choose any course you want, though we would probably discourage you from taking Music, Dance, or Arts. You can even get expelled or drop out of high school and still have a chance to work as a Pornographer starting from the age of 18. But once you’re done with med school, a number of jobs will be available, including Physical Therapist. And just like in the Physical Therapist career path, you can always switch to another practice and start out at the entry level if you feel that a Chiropractor’s salary isn’t cutting the mustard. Make sure you’ve got a character with Smarts of 70 or more at birth and keep re-rolling if you have to, don’t get into any sort of trouble in school, and keep using the Study Harder button to ensure you have perfect grades. Just don’t expect to be filthy rich right away, as Porn Writer, Porn Cameraman, and Porn Actor have starting salaries of around $25,000, $40,000, and $50,000 respectively. Working as a Porn Actor, in specific, is one way in which you can become a celebrity in the BitLife universe. As I feel you should be able to do a lot more illegal things, when the app first came out I would occasionally run into a pop up where my teacher would be flirting with my 16 year old character, I could reciprocate but it never went any further. Moving on to the world of alternative medicine, Chiropractor is another less than traditional career option you could explore after completing Medical School, and since we did mention med school once again, you should probably know the drill by now. How To Become A Professor In BitLife. If you’re not born with exceptionally high Smarts, the same would apply — study hard, don’t get into fights or play hooky or act up in class, start getting involved in clubs once you reach middle school, and keep joining clubs in high school in order to get your Smarts up right in time for university. After another seven to 10 years, you’ll reach the top of the ranks, which is Chief Pilot — a job that pays $220,000 and upward, which is one of the best ways for you to earn money without entering the world of entertainment or becoming a Brain Surgeon! The Pilot job is next, usually about seven to ten years later, and that’s where your annual salary will crack the $100,000 mark. After high school graduation, you will definitely want to attend university, and as long as you’ve kept your grades up and stayed out of trouble, you should have no problem getting a scholarship. Obviously each state and country has their limits but I think even putting it at 17 would be interesting. That means taking a part-time job, even in your final year of college if you’re on a scholarship, may be necessary in order for you to have enough money to pay for Flight School and your license. But if your Smarts are at 90 or greater, similar timelines should apply — five to seven years from Jr. Chiropractor to Chiropractor, and seven to 10 years from Chiropractor to Sr. Chiropractor. Otherwise, the same strategy applies — join a club or two so you can get Smarts to 70 by college. For example, if you took up Biology, you can become a Marine Biologist, or if you took up Psychology, you could work as a School Psychologist.

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