how to apply bona mega wood floor finish

When you reach the end of the area of the original cut-in zone, rest the t-bar with the applicator in the wet polyurethane (leaving it on the dry wood leaves a permanent mark), and cut in another 3 to 4 feet along the walls at the top and bottom of your next coating zone. No matter what the season, both oil and waterborne polyurethanes need THREE conditions to cure quickly and thoroughly: The air has to be DRY because heavy, moisture-laden air literally blocks oxygen from reaching the finish. Before coating, scuff up the floor a bit and then you can coat with Traffic. Use a fan in an adjacent room like a bathroom or kitchen vent that is connected to the outside, and leave it on. Are you renting the right machine for your job? This is a great up-sell for contractors – homeowners don’t have the added expense or inconvenience of staying outside of their home. If you’re within a percentage point of where you started, that means that 99% of the water has evaporated out and you can move on. Scrape the excess finish down into a puddle at your feet, then go back and blend your coated section into the cut-in zone by pushing the t-bar away from you while you gradually lift it off the ground. Switch to the pad painter for the last few strokes. If there’s only one coat of finish, over time it can be worn down to the raw wood, creating a lot of damage that would need to be re-sanded, not a recoat. Bona has a hard-wax oil that allows you to coat right over top of it. If they dry out and crust over they will not spread polyurethane evenly and you'll need to buy new ones. In warm weather you can put a box fan in a window (blowing out!) Coat a 6-inch border along your entire starting wall and 3 feet along the walls that abut your starting wall. After 5 days, the homeowner can put down a rug or clean the floor (but only with a wood-safe cleaner!). A seal coat, plus two coats of finish is the minimum that is sufficient to coat the floor. What to expect when we’re working in your home, 186 Fairview Avenue North, St. Paul MN 55104. Traffic HD is one of Bona’s fastest curing finishes – fully curing in three days. Once you have lightly screened the dry Bonaseal, vacuumed up the dust and wiped the floor with a cloth lightly dampened with water, apply your first of coat of Mega or Traffic using the techniques you learned above in steps 4-9. It also mimics the look that many homeowners with an oil-based finished floor are used to. With a two-component wood floor finish, it’s easy to mix it incorrectly or have unusable finish that’s left over after a job. How To Use Bona Wood Floor Finish – Traffic HD and Mega One, Give us a call at your nearest Master’s Craft, Why Ceramic Grain Sandpaper Will Save You Time and Money, Special offer for customers with credit terms. Other issues arise when putting in the hardener and forgetting to shake it. Anytime that you come into a house and see big scratches in the floor or damaged finish, those are good signs to use a high durability finish, like Traffic HD. Some tips for creating the perfect curing scenario: If the interior temperature is likely to fall below 65 at any time during the coating or the first week after coating, turn on the heat! Traffic HD will go on thicker so that you can get a thicker finish in just two coat, which means that you won’t get as much coverage as what you may expect. in an adjacent room. Bona Mega is a one-component floor finish, which means that what you get isn't wasted or have a limited shelf life. After 72 hours, homeowners can move furniture back in (and once again, lift don’t drag). If you have any questions, you can also call Bona’s Tech Line at 1-800-872-5515. With all the options for water-based hardwood floor finish, it can be hard to distinguish what finish is best for your wood floor. It needs to be WARM because the chemical reaction that cross-links and cures the finish will not proceed below 65°. Mega One also holds up well to residential traffic. For a professional grade floor finish that exceeds expectations, use Bona Mega. Dragging large pieces will always scratch the floor, whether it’s fully cured or not. You can also offer tiers by using both Mega One and Traffic HD. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The other benefit is that a sealer keeps the finish out of the wood. • Apply the finish. By having a sealer underneath the finish, you can avoid a lot of issues with Bona wood floor finish. Use multiple coats of stain as needed. There’s no preferred way to apply Mega One or Traffic HD. First, dust and sweep the floors. Mega One has a 5 day full cure time, which is faster than the typical seven days for a water-based wood floor finish. Watch our full conversation about Bona Mega One and Bona Traffic HD, two popular Bona Wood Floor Finish products. Outside of acrylic polishes and hard waxes you’re not going to have any issues as long as it’s fully cured. While their finishes can act like a sealer, using a sealer gives more depth and an extra build layer. It is a clear finish that won’t give a dingy look to light colored floors. Most finishes are also going to react with the tannin in the wood. Bona recommends using a sealer under their wood floor finishes. Starting at the corner furthest from your exit and working a 5-foot section at a time, gently mop the polyurethane on with a back-and-forth motion. Don't point a fan directly at the drying floor; it will force dust into the wet finish. If the homeowners also are sensitive to VOCs, that would also be a good reason to upgrade to Traffic HD, which is GreenGuard Gold Certified. Because of the low VOCs and low odor, many homeowners will stay in another part of the house while their floor is being finished. Because waterborne finishes will cause significant grain raise after the first. What’s the difference between Bona Mega and Mega One? You can walk on it in socked feet 3-4 hours later and you can move furniture back in after 72 hours. You don’t have to spend as much time sanding between coats. Pete's Hardwood Floors is a hardwood floor refinishing company based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Don’t use polish with a sponge, string or wring mop. Why? We talk through two leading water-based finishes with Brad West, Bona’s Midwest Territory Manager. The solution to that is to screen and re-coat.

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