hoi4 italy guide 2019

It is dominated by the Alps to the north, the Apennine mountains through most of the mainland, and flatlands in the south and Sicilian Island. As italy you should focus on winning the war in Africa as soon as possible. https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Italy&oldid=42633, Countries with unique National Focus trees, Articles with potentially outdated sections, Articles with potentially outdated tables, Semovente 75/34 (TD) / Semovente M 41 75/18 (SPA), Semovente M41M 90/53 / Semovente M42L 105/25 / Semovente M15/42, 2xCL II batteries, TT I, scout plane I, AA II, no armor, AA I + II, 2xCL II batteries, scout plane I, TT I, no armor, 2xAA, TT I, scout plane, armor I, 2xCL II batteries, CA I battery, 2xAA I, TT I, 2xSecondary I, Armor II, 2xCA I batteries, 2x AA I, scout plane I, Armor I, 2xBB I batteries, 2xAA I, 2xSecondary I, BB Armor I, 2xBB I batteries, AA I, scout plane I, 2xSecondary II, BB Armor I, 2xBB II batteries, 2xAA I, scout plane II, 2xSecondary II, BB Armor I. Once you can obtain a reliable source of fuel and enough factories to support it, you can also start fielding various kinds of Tanks (supported by Motorized/Mechanized Infantry) to further augment your breakthrough capabilities, allowing you to break stalemates and attempt to encircle enemy units for destruction. Just make sure to also protect these installations from enemy aggression as both fuel silos and oil refineries can be bombed by hostile planes and captured by enemy troops, so be careful. The new royal government of Marshal Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice with the allies, but most of the country was quickly occupied by the Germans, who established a puppet government under Mussolini in the north, the Italian Social Republic (also known as the Salò Republic, from its headquarters). Italy was a member of the victorious Entente when World War 1 ended in 1918. If Italy builds up its military and industry (the faster the better), attacks France and manages to encircle and destroy enough units to cripple the French military, Italy could conceivably defeat France before 1940, allowing them to more than double their industrial potential if they annex France, or acquire a nice source of manpower if they puppet them. Mines will cause enemy ships to suffer a speed penalty, making them move slower, which hampers everything from responding to and engaging your fleets, disengaging, and retreating from battles and fleeing from bad situations. The Italian technological and numerical superiority more or less guarantees that they will win the war, barring player intervention. Army Primacy - Strengthens your army research. Using its North African holdings as a launching point and its ability to protect supply convoys through the Central and Eastern Mediterranean Italy is able to quickly seize not just the Suez but the entirety of the Allies Middle eastern territory. Keep a set of reserve units stationed close by as well, so that if any enemies try to land next to the coastal forts and then assault them overland (to avoid the "amphibious assault" penalty), the reserve units can be brought in to encircle the invading units and contain the enemy incursion away from any naval bases and either destroy them or starve them into defeat. When it comes to dealing with enemy submarines, one could set up specialized "scout fleets" consisting of destroyers optimized for detecting submarines and ordered to "Do not engage". Italy is an interesting country to play despite being the weakest of every starting Majors. The political parties in Italy and their popularity remain the same in both the 1936 and 1939 scenario with Benito Mussolini's Partito Nazionale Fascista ruling with overwhelming support, at 76% support, followed by the democratic Partito Popolare Italiano with a significant 22% popularity and the communist Parito Comunista Italiano with a minuscule 2% support. This seeming betrayal outraged Italy as a whole and is today seen as one of the contributing factors to the rise of Fascism in Italy. In order for Italy to disrupt  Germany (If Italy is going the "Italy first" route), all Italy has to do in the beginning is to invade  Austria before Anschluss and then attack  Yugoslavia (causing  Czechoslovakia to join as well) and then take Czechoslovakia after war with Yugoslavia. King Victor Emanuel III, the King provides a small national unity increase each month. During this time I like to build up as much radar coverage as possible in the Med. If Italy wants to further assist their navy, they could build ships (destroyers and cruisers) outfitted with minelayers and extensively mine the Mediterranean sea. A war with both the French and British at this stage is likely going to be too much for Italy to handle, even with skilled play, so be careful. To do this I recomend waiting until the capitulation of France to avoid losing ships against their formidable Mediterranean fleet. In the early game, when naval dockyards are in limited supply, a decent early-game fleet would be a mixture of torpedo-equipped destroyers and gun-carrying light cruisers (both with added armor), with some heavy cruisers added here and there as resources permit. In game the country has a modest to respectable military, with the navy being its strongest asset. France has a respectable military but Italy can relatively easily build up its own military to match them through superior units, though this might require stretching Italy's manpower pool somewhat. Whether it’s figuring out how to structure your forces or what plan of action to take as an Allied state facing imminent doom in 1936, it can be quite a challenge. Despite the Pact of Steel with  Germany, Italy did not join in the war until June 1940, planning to get a share of Allied territory with the defeat of  France (Corsica, Savoy and Nice). It also contains territory in Zara (on the Dalmatian coast) and the Dodecanese (Aegean Sea), with African colonies in Libya, Eritrea, and Somalia.

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