himalayan birch tree growth rate

Wood is tough, even grained, moderately hard, and elastic and is used for construction. Himalayan birch is a fast growing, deciduous tree that grows about 20 m (66 ft.) tall with an open pyramidal habit. Description Himalayan birch is the most widely grown of the birch speices in the Pacific Northwest and is greatly prized for its distinctive white bark which makes it a welcome addition during the darker days of winter. Bark, in particular, is loaded with betulinic acid which has powerful anti-inflammatory activity. Use the leaf water to wash your skin paying particular attention to the affected areas. Outer bark can be carefully peeled off the tree and used as a paper. Requires ample growing space. It can also help maintain good liver and kidney health and may even help eradicate unsightly cellulite. Native to the Himalaya, Betula utilis var. Suitable for any normal soil and position and the following. Plant has thin, papery bark which is very shiny, reddish brown, reddish white, or white, with horizontal lenticels. Where possible please contact us by email as we have reduced number of staff available to answer phone calls. Selected varieties are used for landscaping throughout the world, even while some areas of its native habitat are being lost due to overuse of the tree for firewood. The rate of growth may also vary within the lifespan of the tree. Japanese beetle is also a serious problem on this tree. It is an effective natural treatment for skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and furunculous. Mix and Match Offer Buy any three ornamental trees (except Eucalyptus and save £3). A remarkable tree in winter when the peeling, paper-thin, dazzling white bark is outstandingly beautiful. Bark is widely used for packaging material (particularly butter), roof construction, umbrella covers, bandages, and more. Betula albosinensis var. Bark can be softened in oil and applied to rheumatic joints. septentrionalis C.K.Schneid, Betula bhojpattra var. Bare-rooted plants (marked br or tr) can only be sent when they are dormant (November – March). Magnificent if three are planted closely together, to give the appearance of a multi-stemmed tree. Height: 65 feet. It often grows among scattered conifers, with an undergrowth of shrubs that normally includes evergreen Rhododendron. Pg = Pot grown. Birch leaves have diuretic properties that means a tea made from them can help promote both the volume and the frequency of a person’s urination. Birch leaves can be used to make a tea or juiced to help treat inflammation or infection in the urinary tract. Like many other herbal teas, birch leaf tea may help to promote a good night of sleep if you drink a cup or two just before bedtime. Himalayan Silver Birch is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for convulsions, dysentery, hemorrhages, and skin diseases. A remarkable tree in winter when the peeling, paper-thin, dazzling white bark is outstandingly beautiful. Both male and female flowers are present on the same tree, though they develop separately. Because of this, birch tea can be used to help treat common joint conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. Also know as Jacquemont Birch. Betula utilis was termed and named by botanist David Don in his Prodromus Florae Nepalensis (1825), from specimens collected by Nathaniel Wallich in Nepal in 1820. Growth/Year* = Average growth per year in first 10-20 years, click here for more details. The perianth has four parts in male flowers, and is absent in the female flowers. The mail order office is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Tiny monoecious flowers appear in late spring in separate catkins. Family: Betulaceae. Apart from that leaves also consists of mild laxative properties meaning that they can be consumed to help relieve constipation and support more regular bowel movement. Birch leaves when consumed in the form of a tea can help to boost the body’s immune system. Enlarge picture / more pictures Himalayan Birch in winter at Anglesey Abbey. Leaves Ovate, Green, Golden or Yellow or Orange, Deciduous. Leaves consist of antiviral and antibacterial properties that help protect the body from infection and also speed up recovery from any infection that you may have. While young trees have a rich brown bark, it quickly changes to gleaming snow-white as the tree matures. It is still used as paper for the writing of sacred mantras, with the bark placed in an amulet and worn for protection.

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