hen of the woods look alikes

The edible but inferior Black-staining Polypore (Meripilus sumstinei) also resembles Maitake. Maitake / Sheepshead is quite abundant in parts of the Eastern U.S. where there are abundant large oak trees. Pretty much 2 things that look something like it. morel mushrooms • mushroom I.D. and other choice edible wild mushroom species in my best-selling book, The edible but inferior Black-staining Polypore (Meripilus sumstinei) also resembles Maitake. HEN OF THE WOODS (also known as MAITAKE or SHEEPSHEAD MUSHROOM) Scientific name: Laetiporus sulphureus I think your emotions in your blog are completely honest to you and your friends/readers. Avoid Maitake / Ram's-head specimens from potentially contaminated habitats—see The Mycophagist's Ten Commandments for more information on this and other hazards! However, I cannot assume responsibility for the integrity of your use of the information I present here regarding edible wild mushrooms. Due to its dull colour, from a distance it may be difficult to spot with autumn leaves on the ground. EDIBLE WILD MUSHROOMS! ... Maitake, with few look-alikes, is certainly one of the safest mushrooms to harvest. Scientific names: Craterellus fallax and C. cornucopioides Facebook Page Thanks for sharing. Never eat anything from the wild without first consulting an expert! Looks delicious! Old Maitake / Hen of the Woods specimens tend to be bitter, fibrous or both. We have made a tapenade, calzones, consommé, pasta sauces, steak toppings, and just eat this mushroom sautéed with butter on toast. It is native to China, Europe, and North America. The Maitake / Sheepshead is an excellent candidate for fresh-freezing. Wow thanks for all the great info on this mushroom. The fried-chicken mushroom (Lyophyllum decastes): Enjoy harvesting it, but beware of look-alikes. As always, my advice is to collect only very fresh specimens for human consumption. I often use Maitake / Hen of the Woods to provide a taste of wild mushrooms to folks when I do a mushroom class or lecture… and even the most discriminating wild mushroom gourmets agree that the quality of fresh-frozen Maitake / Sheepshead is remarkably close to fresh. Educate yourself, and have fun. Especially under big oak trees, Maitake / Sheepshead typically produces specimens annually for many years in succession. regulate blood pressure, glucose and insulin. CVMS Connecticut Valley Mycological Society, Chicken Mushroom Recipe - Coconut Mushroom Soup, Chicken Mushroom Recipe - "Chicken" Stuffed Bread, Hen-of-the-Woods Recipe - Hen Tapenade Spread. Photo by Ken Irish. There are no dangerous look-alikes. Scientific name: Laetiporus sulphureus, THE SHAGGY MANE MUSHROOM I've seen a single oak tree yield as much as 100 pounds of Maitake / Hen of the Woods in one season! I am usually to afraid to eat mushrooms other than morels from the forest. I have a bunch of Oaks nearby that I can't wait to check out. AMERICA'S BEST, SAFEST Please forage responsibly. EDIBLE WILD MUSHROOMS! What mushroom is chicken of the woods look alike found today June:20 in North Oaks Minnesota in a lawn on oak tree root, orange top but white underside. It's good to know there are no dangerous look alikes. The trick is to cut the Maitake / Hen of the Woods mushroom into pieces of appropriate size for the cooking pan before freezing (blanching is not necessary) and, most importantly, when you're ready to use some, do not thaw them first: have the cooking pan heating before you even open the freezer door! Hen of the Woods Tapenade: Hen of the Woods is considered a choice edible, due to its excellent firm, meaty texture and mild mushroomy taste. Photo by Ken Irish. Thanks for sharing. Finally, here's a fine collection of Maitake / Sheepshead from under just one oak tree! Isn't it too early for chick/wds? Scientific names: Morchella esculenta and M. elata I heard that hen of the woods also grow in Louisiana.it is a great blog, btw-allyson. is as important to your SAFETY as the photographs! THE SWEET TOOTH or HEDGEHOG Mushroom Berkeley's polypore, Bondarzewia berkeleyii, is more tan & has much larger fronds, and Meripileus sumsteinii, blackening polypore, fronds are flatter and wider, and they turn black within a few minutes after you cut or scratch them. Hen-of-the-woods is often favored by beginner mushroom hunters. Good to know that there are no poisonous look alikes. In my experience, Maitake / Hen of the Woods mushrooms tend to be most darkly pigmented when they grow in open spots where they are exposed to direct sunlight.

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