heated air makeup unit

A pair of decade-old Open Face Spray Booths from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) was not cutting it for the company, so Mystic Scenic Studios started looking into enclosed spray booths with an added heat option. Heated Air Makeup Unit Drawings – click image to enlarge drawings Our factory trained installation crew can get your new Air Makeup Unit installed correctly and quickly. This design reduces airflow by 50 percent during the cure mode. These units are available in various sizes and types which can be designed into nearly all industrial requirements. Available cooling options are evaporative cooling, direct expansion coils and chilled water coils. A Cambridge make-up air unit is also available with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control to respond to varying air needs to reduce operating costs. The equipment is designed for tempering outside air and supplying it into the building for ventilation make-up and balancing of negative pressure. In most applications, the intake air is of slightly higher volume than the exhausted air, resulting in a positive building pressure for best results. For example, a unit with a maximum temperature rise of 90 degrees in the winter can adjust down to as little as a 3 degree temperature rise for milder spring and fall weather. Our Make-Up Air System is designed with reliability and year-round energy savings in mind, along with low costs for installation and maintenance. We offer a basic heat and cure system and another system with heat, flash, and cure modes. AMUs maintain a constant leaving-air temperature regardless of the incoming, outdoor AMUs maintain a constant leaving-air temperature regardless of the incoming, outdoor air temperature. Our heat and cure systems are designed to help you move your work through the process as quickly as possible. When I am done spraying, the temperature is 70 By integrating a VFD into the motor system, automatic adjustments can be made to the system during operation to compensate for changing conditions. Select from a variety of make-up air units for commercial, industrial and kitchen applications. MUA systems address air problems for places with high levels of exhaust, including commercial kitchens, paint booths and labs. The unit is ready for connection to the gas line and power source. The high turndown capability allows the flame to adjust to outdoor air temperature swings throughout heating season. Air make-up units replenish equal amounts of fresh air for every cubic foot of air exhausted. M-Series make-up air units (MAUs) by Cambridge are on the cutting edge of Make-Up Air technology and boast many unique features other systems on the market cannot duplicate. We will treat your information with respect. Several options are available to control these adjustments: For operations requiring recirculating capability, an 80/20 system can provide energy-efficient make-up air and heating functions. Consequently, air from the outside will seep through drafty homes and buildings, or if the space is sealed tight … M-Series heaters include patented Cambridge Low-Fire Start Technology and proprietary stainless steel burners are specifically designed to provide year-round ventilation and tempered make-up air for a wide variety of demanding commercial and industrial retrofit. We use MailChimp as our marketing automation platform. Exhausting air is a simple concept and easily understood, however the corresponding replacement air, in this case a make up air unit, is commonly misunderstood or overlooked. All rights reserved. Air make-up units replace contaminated air exhausted from industrial and commercial buildings or spray booths, with heated outdoor air. The service made it a really easy decision.”, “When people come to our facility with their aircraft, they see this new, very impressive booth and feel confident having us do their paint and refurbishment work.”, Home » Products » Industrial Air Make-Up Units (AMU). From contributor E: I put in a 5000 cfm heated air makeup unit about 3 years ago. Problem Solved — ESPN Set Builder Sees Production Gains, Cost Savings with General Purpose Paint Booth, Constant Volume System (100 Percent Replacement), GFS Virtual Industrial Finishing Summit to be Held Nov. 16-19, What You Need to Know About Paint Storage & Use for Your Finishing Operation, How Project Managers Help Actualize Your Capital Equipment Investment, Eliminate problems with drafts, stale or contaminated air, Create balanced building pressure and maintain proper comfort levels, Introduce 100 percent fresh air to improve indoor air quality, Hinged service doors with flush-mount latches, Casing insulation with G90 galvanized steel liners, Inlet hood with 2 in. King's Made in USA Make-Up Air Unit is a smart solution.

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