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They are safer and don’t present the fire and explosion hazard that overheated bulbs do when coming into contact with paint chemicals. The best finishes are produced in paint booths where the lighting is consistent over the entire vehicle. Hoses showing deterioration, leakage or weakness in the carcass or at the couplings shall be removed from service. Filters shall be noncombustible of an approved type. "Approved" means, for the purpose of this section, that the equipment has been approved for the specified use by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. When one car owner sees an excellent paint job, they’ll ask, ‘who did your paint job?’ You want the response to be the name of your auto body shop. #2: The degree of brightness of your paint booth lighting also affects the quality of your paint finish. Piping systems conveying flammable or combustible liquids to the spraying booth or area shall be made of metal and be both bonded and grounded. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Light placement is extremely important to providing a consistent finish. Spraying with organic peroxides and other dual-component coatings shall only be conducted in sprinkler-equipped spray booths. Unless you are using full spectrum white lighting, your paint finishes will not reflect the true color of the applied paint. Exhaust ducts shall be made of steel, shall have sufficient access doors to permit cleaning, and shall have a minimum clearance of 18 inches (0.46m) from combustible materials. Residue scrapings, debris, rags, and waste shall be removed from the spraying area as they accumulate. Shipping and Sales Tax (if applicable) will be charged prior to shipment Dismiss, 6 Must-Know Facts About Paint Booth Lighting, your local Accudraft Paint Booths distributor. Additional requirements for spray booths. Plus, unlike standard paint booth lights, LED light can be focused directly on one area; Standard light spreads which loses brightness and affects the true color of your finishes. It does not apply to overall painting of terminal structures under construction, major repair or rebuilding of terminal structures, or portable spraying apparatus not used regularly in the same location. And they last up to a decade without needing to be replaced, even in high volume shops. Natural light emitted by LEDs is measured using the Kelvin scale and produces nearly twice the white light as incandescent bulbs. Hot surfaces shall not be located in spraying areas. All Rights Reserved. If you’ve had your paint booth for several years, it’s possible that you are still using ballast lights that aren’t energy efficient. For more information about upgrading lighting fixtures for your paint booth, make sure to get in touch with your local Accudraft Paint Booths distributor . Wiring, motors and equipment within 20 feet (6.1m) of any interior spraying area and not separated by vapor-tight partitions shall not produce sparks during operation and shall conform to the requirements of subpart S of Part 1910 of this chapter for Class I, Division 2, Hazardous Locations. If you are using outdated yellow filament and incandescent bulbs, what your customer thought looked so nice under your lights may change when he or she sees it in the light of day. Spraying areas shall be mechanically ventilated for removal of flammable and combustible vapor and mist. in a dedicated area, (e.g., paint spray booths, paint spray rooms). "Spraying area" means any area where flammable vapors, mists or combustible residues, dusts or deposits may be present due to paint spraying operations. For more information about upgrading lighting fixtures for your paint booth, make sure to get in touch with your local Accudraft Paint Booths distributor. Mechanical ventilation shall be in operation during spraying operations and long enough thereafter to exhaust hazardous vapor concentrations. Explosion proof LED lighting is also utilised in spray and paint booths. 6 Facts You Must Know about Paint Booth Lighting As you read these 6 things, remember that the quality of your paint booth has as much of an effect on your paint finishes as your lighting. Spray booths shall not be alternately used to spray different types of coating materials if the combination of the materials may spontaneously ignite unless deposits of the first material are removed from the booth and from exhaust ducts before spraying of the second material begins. Spray painting requirements for door and outdoor spraying areas and booths. Your paint booth may have already come with fixtures installed in locations that do not give you the consistent brightness that you want. They shall not be located in exhaust ducts. Only the quantity of flammable or combustible liquids required for the operation shall be allowed in the spraying area, and in no case shall the amount exceed a one-day supply. No open flame or spark-producing equipment shall be within 20 feet (6.1 m) of a spraying area unless it is separated from the spraying area by a fire-retardant partition. Belts shall not enter ducts or booths unless the belts are completely enclosed. Rotating fan elements shall be nonsparking or the casing shall consist of or be lined with nonsparking material. Additional requirements for spraying areas and spray booths. Hoses and couplings shall be inspected before use. Your paint finishes are your calling cards. From our products, to our employees and distributors around the world, Accudraft holds itself to the highest standard so that we may produce a great experience for our clients. Spraying areas shall be kept as free from combustible residue accumulation as practicable. Portable electric lights shall not be used during spraying operations. Spray booths or rooms shall be designed for these activities to safely occur on an intermittent or continuous basis. Distribution or baffle plates shall be of noncombustible material and shall be removable or accessible for cleaning. Wiring, motors and equipment in a spray booth shall be of approved explosion-proof type for Class I, Group D locations and conform to subpart S of Part 1910 of this chapter for Class I, Division 1, Hazardous Locations. It is not required that a paint booth room be used when just using a can of spray paint, however, the area must … Thinking about upgrading your paint booth to be more efficient? Original closed containers, approved portable tanks, approved safety cans or a piping system shall be used to bring flammable or combustible liquids into spraying areas. Spray booths shall be separated from other operations by at least 3 feet (0.91m) or by fire-retardant partitions or walls. Outside electrical lights within 10 feet (3.05m) of spraying areas and not separated from the areas by partitions shall be enclosed and protected from damage. Lighting these type of businesses is a tough challenge but can be achieved by installing ATEX certified, hazardous area lighting products. Metal parts of spray booths, exhaust ducts, piping and airless high-pressure spray guns and conductive objects being sprayed shall be grounded.

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