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DO use it to add volume. Step 1: Shake dry shampoo and hold at least the length … The only way to remove dead cells, sweat and oil is to use real shampoo, says Anabel Kingsley, trichologist at Philip Kingsley. This can prevent hair follicle growth, and can increase the risk for … Use a deep cleanse dry shampoo for oily scalps, your dirtiest hair days and after workouts. It’s possible the build-up could also lead to folliculitis. Even worse than that, using dry shampoo too often or leaving it in your hair for prolonged periods of time without washing it out can make your scalp itch. Or to apply it too often. Do not, however, use this with clarifying shampoo—the duo will overly dry out your hair. The starchy powders can clog the pores in your scalp when you do this. Make sure your hair is dry before applying to post-workout hair. Even though using a dry shampoo is quicker than the whole lather, rinse, repeat routine, it’s still worth taking the time to apply it properly. Here’s how. If you thought dry shampoo could only be used … … It is possible to use too much dry shampoo. If you have a normal scalp and use dry shampoo for volume & texture, use a light cleanse or medium cleanse dry shampoo …

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