ham radio technician test passing score

1) Download the questions from the ARRL website. 70cm = 446.00MHz 2) Hamstudy.org Practice Tests – This is the other cool part of hamstudy.org, the practice tests look exactly like the actual test will. Along with everything else mentioned here, that will be enough for you to pass that test. Wavelength is the INVERSE of frequency (the shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency). And for goodness sakes, relax! Some very informal, unscientific research leads me to believe that most of those who do not pass (especially Tech and General) only miss by a few questions. You have filled a need for me and my granddaughter. Usually it starts with a letter or two, then a number, then some more letters. This certainly gives me a guide to get me started. Or you could just remember that Colpitts is the unique choice, so it must be (D). You may miss 9. The correct answer is given in parentheses -- in the example below, it is (C). I did quite a bit of researching and studying prior to the exam, and here are the tools that I found the most helpful: 1) Hamstudy.org Fashcards– I studied from several different HAM exam prep websites, but I found this one to be the best. Make sure to get it as a Microsoft Word Document, or plain text (NOT a pdf). I’m pretty terrible at that stuff, so if I can pass it, I know you can too. We definitely suggest getting study materials as you can search for free resources online like the ARRL License Manual. These privileges include the very popular 2-meter band. Just like the Ohm's Law chart on the left, cover the value you are looking for to see the formula. This is specified in “Hertz” (cycles per second), usually with a qualifier of Kilo (thousand), or Mega (million). Here’s a good example from the Technician test: Which frequency is within the 6 meter band? I hope that you will find these tips 'n' tricks helpful. Your job and future do not depend on it. Can you spot the pattern? You just straight up have to memorize these. Now delete all of the wrong answers, and you are left with just the question and correct answer, as shown. back in 2013 and once from R. Ann Parris – Radio Silence, Communications Without Electronics in March of this year. Shortwave radio (3MHz to 30MHz) can “skip” or bounce off the ionosphere to get significantly more range, even intercontinental. Not even close to any of the choices. For instance, K7NFG (made it up). 6. Sometimes a written explanation of a topic will clear up confusion and help you to understand it. The FCC Technician License exam covers basic regulations, operating practices and electronics theory, with a focus on VHF and UHF applications. Similarly, (L) is inductance and (C) is capacitance. Over time, the website will let you know what your overall grade is. That’s 26 correct on the Tech and General, and 37 on the Extra. 14 degrees with the voltage lagging the current, B. Whether you pass with 74% or 100%, you pass. The Technician and General tests have 35 questions, and the Extra has 50. Then decide your budget, which determines whether you will be looking at “name brand” radios or “off brand”. That's it, folks. Also, would you consider a follow-up article on the process of choosing ur first ham radio? To remember which letter goes with which value: Power (P) is measured in Watts, and is equal to Current (I) in Amps times Voltage (E) in Volts. I found out just a couple weeks ago, that the largest is in Shelby NC! Again, there is no penalty for a wrong answer. However, with the right study tips, passing on the first attempt shouldn’t be a problem. I suppose that’s a fairly common problem, because from what the proctor told me there were several other testing sites in my area that I could have gone to, and not a single one of those sites was popping up on the ARRL website either. If you're not sure, go with your first guess -- it's most likely to be correct. Share; Tweet; Pin; Email; Print; Recently we finally hunkered down, studied really hard and passed our HAM technician license test. Passing requires a score of 75 percent or better. 4) Memorize the different bands – I didn’t see these anywhere within the free study guide, but found that if you don’t know them, you’re going to miss quite a few questions on the exam. Most Hams, I think fall somewhere in between these extremes. But! 10 meters = 29.600MHz It was pretty content heavy, so just about the whole thing ended up yellow for me. To remember which goes where on the chart, think "this stuff is as easy as PIE". A Meter is about 3 feet, so the wavelength is about 63 feet. Great article as I have been contemplating getting my ham license. I was sitting by her on the couch and able to take a quick break if she had any questions, so this really didn’t force me to be present-yet-absent while I studied. I was most definitely learning, but the knowledge was still marinating in my head and needed a bit more practice. You need a score of 74% to pass. Today, there are over 700,000 people who hold an amateur radio license. If you follow the above steps, I’m fairly confident that you’ll be able to pass this thing on the first try. Today, there are over 700,000 people who hold an amateur radio license. HAM radio came up in conversation while at work though, and by talking with people there I discovered that there was actually a local club in my town that was able to test me and within just a couple of days. A backup power supply is wise, and there are other goodies, which will improve your capabilities. The license exams for all current Amateur Radio licenses: Technician, General and Extra, are all of the same style. In an Inductor, the the voltage leads the current (or the current lags the voltage) -- hence, ELI. You seem to have a knack for making electronic things easy to understand for a novice like myself. The starting characters indicate which jurisdiction it was issued in, and the remaining characters are assigned sequentially. 12. In order to pass, you must have at least 74% correct on the amateur radio service test. I’m not going to recommend one approach over another… I’ll leave it to your judgment as to which is best for you. (J) And finally -- TAKE THOSE ON-LINE PRACTICE TESTS!!! If you know those two equations, you’ll be good for most of the math problems. Way to go! 5. With a Technician Class license, you will have all ham radio privileges above 30 MHz. Mine hasn’t been posted yet, but I’ve been told it takes about a week or two.

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