habanero honey whiskey

I could use about 3 shots of this right now – I am so sick and I bet this would make me so warm and comforting! A friend recently told me that she loves honey whiskey. Categories: Drinks, Infusion, Liqueur, Recipes | Tags: Bourbon, cinnamon, glitter, habanero, honey, infused, infused alcohol, infused bourbon, infused vodka, infusion, lemon, Liqueur, recipe, whiskey | Permalink. ( Log Out /  Had to come back as I just discovered this: http://www.bluenunwines.com/brandletter/brandletter_110/article1.php. He is a native of Louisville, KY in the heart of Bourbon Country. By Bill on February 13, 2014 1 Comment. ¼ cup honey. Do you then return that to the original bottle of whiskey or do you have to scale up the process to make larger batches? The closest I’ve come to it was making a ghost pepper infused bourbon. Thanks! Aug 17, 2017 - If you like whiskey and honey, and a little bit lot of spice, this one is for you! ( Log Out /  But also a touch of sweet honey. After reading this recipe, you got me wondering if honey and spice might make it more drinkable. So I sliced one in half, took a bottle of Old Grand-dad (86 proof), and dropped the halves in for about 24 hrs. I’d make you a glittery habanero cocktail anytime! If you like whiskey and honey, and a little bit lot of spice, this one is for you! I just put the liquid in a small bottle but it’s up to you how much you want to make. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Does it have a shelf life? All you have to do is pay attention to things that they like, and do your best to infuse their favorite flavors into their alcohol… Also, infusing into the honey for a short while helps limit the heat. I often use Jim Beam for bourbon infusions because it is inexpensive and tends to allow the infused flavors to shine. I had about 5 cups of whiskey left, so I used this recipe x’s 5. Depending on how much heat you can take, feel free to use only part of the habanero or omit the seeds. It could make an interesting cocktail tho , aw man i totally would’ve made this for my husband for valentine’s day! Creativity is at the heart of this whiskey when we added the sweet taste of mango and complemented it with a spicy habanero pepper finish. Sorry for perhaps a newbie question: At the end of the process of simmering the infusion ingredients, straining and adding to the 1 cup of whiskey that sits for 1-2 days, that volume only amounts to about 1 cup of infused whiskey. Our Deals Gap Dragon Tail is a superbly balanced whiskey with natural clover honey flavor spiced up with extracts from habanero and ghost chili peppers. We use Scott advertising…based in Detroit, but they work with clients all over (I’m in Kentucky, for instance). 1 cinnamon stick. The results were very flavorful but I haven’t found myself using it a lot because it’s so damn hot. Pingback: Habanero Honey Whiskey | Passion for Peppers. Cheers~. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Our Jalapeno Honey Bird Dog blends two unexpected flavors for an irresistible combination. But thanks for the idea! Spirit Hub has the largest selection of craft spirits by independent distilleries Alicia what kind of bottle did you use to pour the whiskey into, the one at the end of the post. I grew my own ghost peppers a couple years ago and needed ways to use them. Used chilli peppers instead of habenero. It is fun to come up with booze infusion ideas for friends. Our Deals Gap Dragon Tail is a superbly balanced whiskey with natural clover honey flavor spiced up with extracts from habanero and ghost chili peppers. Advertisement. I swear your stuff is so good – it needs to be seen by everyone! Here’s a great use of one of our favorite spirits… Check out this tasty recipe from Boozed + Infused! Deals Gap Dragon Tail Honey Habanero Whiskey . Up font, you will experience the flavor of the habanero followed by the soothing notes of orange blossom honey to calm the palate. Glitter? Did you make it? Habanero Honey Whiskey. Love your flavor combination here, Alicia. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. ( Log Out /  You may also be interested in a few products from one of my favorite shops, The Meadow (they have online ordering): makes me think of a favorite cocktail at a local restaurant: http://www.citypages.com/bestof/2012/award/best-cocktail-for-putting-hair-on-your-chest-2455463/. And I washed them about five times. It does sound great for hot toddies… Yum, nice! January 28, 2014 by Alicia 44 Comments. Well, Habanero Honey Whiskey and glitter, because “glitter and whiskey define me” she said. Use gloves if possible and wash hands thoroughly. ( Log Out /  Wondering about making habanero bitters so I could make the drink at home, but your whiskey would get me there in a different way. I only ask because while i do enjoy making all kinds of different cocktails, i’m not a heavy drinker and a bottle any one thing will sit on my bar for a long time before its finished. Sweet plus spice equals the best whiskey ever for hot toddies. Love this! Oh man, just made this, can’t wait to try it/give it to my sick brother to help with his cough and congestion! Hi Kelli… wish I could have shared with you! 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