growth of plants discrete or continuous

2019 Mar 28;10:322. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2019.00322. 2. Effects of Continuous or End-of-Day Far-Red Light on Tomato Plant Growth, Morphology, Light Absorption, and Fruit Production Front Plant Sci. A continuous model of plant growth 2.1. Aims: This paper proposes a general and minimal continuous model of root growth that aggregates architectural and developmental information and that can be used at different spatial scales. differential growth in plants and biological tissues A. Goriely, D. E. Moulton and R. Vandiver- ... from discrete and continuum descriptions at organ level down to microscopic scales of single cell ... We define growth as a continuous update of the resting configuration that is assumed to Both are influenced by births (b, m x) and by deaths (d, l x). Methods: The model is described by advection, diffusion and reaction operators, which are related to growth processes such as primary growth, branching, mortality and root death. imation schemes for the continuous model and the discrete model. eCollection 2019. The discrete and continuous population growth models described above are similar in four important ways: 1) λ and r are both net measures of an individual’s contribution to population growth. Measuring dry weight: Since plants have a high composition of water and the level of water in a plant will depend on the amount of water in its environment (which is very difficult to control), using dry weight as a measure of plant growth tends to be more reliable. Calendar time versus thermal time The choice of time unit is crucial to describe the interac-tion of plant growth with the environment. At the tissue and whole plant scale models are mainly descriptive in nature, where for example L-systems has been used to build models of plant structures [30, 7]. Plant tissue growth 3 Plant growth has been modeled at a variety of resolutions, from discrete and continuum descriptions at organ level down to microscopic scales of single cell walls.

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