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Here we’re going to show you step-by-step how to submit your podcast … Click the “Add A Podcast” Button. Submit Your RSS Feed to Google Play Music Now that you’ve got your RSS feed URL and have added the additional information required by Google, you are ready to add your podcast to Google Play Music. When it comes to getting your podcast out there for your audience to discover iTunes has historically been the name of the game. To continue listening to your favorite podcasts, you can use the free Google Podcasts app and website. I'll go to my playlists and pick one. But, if you need to add a private podcast feed or a podcast that hasn't submitted their feed to Apple, Google, or Spotify for indexing, you'll need to do it yourself. Add a valid RSS feed on your website which links to your podcast - more info here. I then select a song to start playing, and I'm on my way. Then I can pick "add to queue." Submitting your podcast to Google Play Music is easy. Firstly, check that your podcast isn’t already in Google Podcasts. Most podcast players include a directory of podcasts that allow you to search and find the show you want. Using Google's Direct Link Generator, you can check if it's been added. Now that your queue has been created, add a few more podcasts to the list if desired by following the same steps above or use 3D Touch or Quick Actions. Quick actions are available with a long press on most devices using iOS 13 and above or iPadOS. Again, no music is playing yet. 2. Go to the Google Play Music Podcast Portal; Click the ‘Publish’ button and then the ‘Add a Podcast’ button But with Android usage increasing worldwide, and the introduction of the new Google Podcast App for Android users having your podcast in the Google Play Music store is a must for all podcasters.. You likely already have one from Gmail, Android, or YouTube. Occasionally, you'll need to manually add a podcast to your app. Google Cast—a feature that includes an option to stream to multiple Google Home speakers over WiFi—was free on Google Play Music, but you have to pay for the same functionality on YouTube Music. Overview. Is there an app that can queue up Podcast from Google Play Music? For example, I'll start the application and no music is playing yet. Nothing happens. I use GPM and it's overall solid, but God DAMN is it annoying having to select each podcast every time I want to start one. I still have no idea what the "add to queue… Sign in with a Google account. Just follow these simple steps: Visit the Google Play Podcast Portal. To be able to submit your podcast to Google Podcasts, you must do the following first: Run your own website. I have no idea what that just did. Add additional Podcast episodes using Quick Actions or 3D Touch. Podcasts: Unlike Google Play Music, YouTube Music doesn’t support podcasts. Click the blue “Add A Podcast” button near the top right:

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