goat breeds and their characteristics

In fact, there are more than 300 unique goat breeds around the world as of today! Mini Toggenburg Goat The does height averages at around 66 cm at withers and the male stand about 71 cm at withers. The colors can be different from black to white or gray or even multicolored. Boer goats can weigh up to 300 lbs. Alpine Goats Breed: Characteristics, Feeding, Breeding, Care. Nubian goats weigh can up to 250 lbs. List of Indian Goat Breeds. Goat farming in India is gaining popularity faster. When the Nigora was developing the developers were pleasantly surprised as this littles goat robust characteristics, its excellent fiber quality and its milk production. 2. Pinterest. Facebook. Twitter. Adrienne Kruzer is a registered veterinary technician who has worked with a variety of animals for over 15 years, including small mammals. Their … Boer goats have the highest meat-to-bone ratio of all goat breeds, so if meat production is important to you they are the way to go. If you are a beginner and want to start goat farming business, then you must know about the available type of goat breeds in India and their characteristics and production performance. As 90% of goat rearing in India is for meat production and these breeds perform satisfactorily well in this trait. If you don't know what kind of goat you own, try looking for characteristics of common breeds.From floppy-eared Nubians to long-fleeced Angoras, common breeds often have a distinguishing feature. Domestic goats can be any color and each breed registry generally has breed standards that describe the desired appearance and color for that breed. Graceful and curious goats are Alpine goats, also referred as French Alpines. Nigerian dwarf goats are one of the smallest breeds, weighing around 20 pounds. They were bred to be adaptable and many African breeds hold true to their hardy reputation. Each of these types of goats brings with it a unique appearance, personality, and set of characteristics that makes it a great addition to any farm. 0. There are many different breeds of pet goats… This is a different breed of goat in Nigeria. The Alpine’s agility and toughness is a sign of their life in Alps mountain range. Their development came from the crossing of a standard sized Nubian goat with a Nigerian Dwarf goat breed. There are mixed experiences about the hardiness of Boer goats. Pygmy goats weigh between 53 and 86 pounds. Hardiness. As a young boy in 4H, the goats I grew up with were Nubians. West Bengal also has a sizable population of goats. Most popular breeds of these states are Sirohi, Totapari, Jamunapari, Barbari, Jhakrana and Beetal. Such characteristics allow them to move easily through thick vegetation of the forest. August 12, 2020. I only knew these goats to be used for dairy purposes. Such a type of goats can be founded in forest areas of the country. While there are dozens of goat breeds, a few are more common than others. WhatsApp. The animal has a small size of body and short legs. As GoatWorld.Com continues to grow, we will attempt to list as many specific traits for each breed of goat as possible. Goats come in many different sizes, colors and breeds, and each of these have their own specific characteristics. 263. The Nigora Goat breed was bred in America by crossing a Nigerian Dwarf goat breed with an Angora Goat breed.

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