global village theory

The excitement of visiting another country is easily soured upon stepping out of the airplane only to see American fast food chain restaurants. I was expecting a movie, a story told with images, music and sound. Your safety matters Your comfort and wellbeing. If we cannot determine respectful cultural boundaries in the simplest manner with regards to language, economy, and basic means of survival, it is presumptuous to assume that we can identify as a global village at all. The potential enlightenment of the global village can be contrasted with the way people tended to view other nations and cultures ages ago. Our population is comprised of immigrants from Europe and other developing countries whose beliefs have been “integrated” into our culture as a whole. In order to examine these complex problems, we must carefully consider examples of each of the potential outcomes Johnson refers to. (1) If it is consciously endorsing a global diffusion of diverse music media, then it is a huge player in the technological expansion of cultural boundaries. More likely a clashing of cultural ideals and values would ensue. Whether the world is shrinking, expanding, or remaining the same metaphorical size, it is clear that how we communicate across physical and cultural boundaries is changing at an accelerated rate. Administration officials at the time cited one of the reasons they felt that action necessary was due to immense public pressure that had been generated based on news coverage of the crisis. Similarly, the Clinton Administration, trying to resolve a very complex and bloody conflict in the Balkans, often noted that images on the news of killings there had a significant impact on their decisions. In the contemporary world, foreign policy decisions are sometimes driven by television images, which are broadcasted around the world by satellites and display famine or fighting in other nations. Professor Samuel Huntington has similarly criticized Western groups for taking on such initiatives, however well-intentioned they may be. The copious amounts of forgotten and disregarded food that are tossed mindlessly into our landfills are a global travesty of massive proportions. The term global village has been used to express the idea that people throughout the world are interconnected through the use of new media technologies. Global Issues, Local Arguments. Berger notes that this movement, “clearly a product of Western intellectuals, was disseminated worldwide by an alliance of governmental and non-governmental organizations.” He points out one particularly odd moment in this campaign—a kind of cultural clash of well-intentioned globalization—when a major international conference was sponsored by the Scandinavian countries in Stockholm. With increased responsibility to support impoverished countries comes the consideration that perhaps an enhanced system of interconnectedness between countries will lead to global cooperation and peace. The G-20 Preempts the G-8: What Kind of World Economic Order? Now imagine that all these cultures are compressed into one super-culture. Convenient location How to get here. Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse 1.11 (2009). Global refers to the connectiveness and how large of a scope that television allows us to reach. © 2020 Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse LLC. He states, “The beauty of globalization is that it can free people from the tyranny of geography…. About The Journal | Submissions That we are increasingly free to choose our cultural experiences enriches our lives immeasurably” (210). Buy tickets. Did You Know? McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC taint the cities of even former Eastern block countries such as Hungary. Globalization has changed this dynamic, sometimes in quite powerful ways. He had a vision of technology reducing the size of the globe to that of a village, with information floating freely and simultaneously from one end to the other. Harris goes on to describe how American media giants are taking advantage of globalization to self promote while homogenizing musical diversity. According to Johnson, “Using words like integration and cultural fusion, these analysts claim that the mixing of cultures is inevitable, healthy, and enriching” (195). Sociology Professor Peter Berger has noted that a global network of foundations, academic networks, non-governmental organizations and some governmental, and multinational agencies (such as the UN system and development agencies), have become transmission agents for what they perceive to be positive cultural values (Berger, 1997). In this view, globalization is in fact another word for Americanization. Technology. On one hand,people believe that if it continues, cultural globalization will lead to a dazzling marketplace where countries of all economic opportunities are represented and where more fortunate countries come to the aid of less fortunate ones with humanitarian efforts. Listen to the music—from the gentle drum beats of Africa, to the melodic didgeridoo of Australia, to the scream of the electric guitar. In the draft communiqué, President Barack Obama declared that from now on, the Group of 20 (G-20) will be the primary organization responsible... Multicultural and multilingual classrooms have become the norm in many educational (and professional) settings throughout the U.S. due to changing immigration patterns caused by globalization (Institute for Educational Leadership, p. 2, 2005). A more serious implication of this permeation of cultural standards is addressed by anthropologists and linguists, who argue that “…language is bound to culture and that culture is connected to the deep values and structures that hold societies together” (Johnson 194). This small slice of cultural practice is representative of many other engrained cultural differences around the globe. It is naïve considering the current state of political foreign relations to imagine that as a world we could achieve a peaceful coexistence. It would make sense, therefore, if individuals used the excuse to not help less fortunate people in the world because they were not aware of their suffering, they could no longer ignore the pain that exists outside their comfort zones. Languages of the World. Representing the work of students from hundreds of institutions around the globe, Inquiries Journal's large database of academic articles is completely free. See details. Johnson, June. Meredith Small, a cultural anthropologist and author of Our Babies, Ourselves: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Parent, presents a more tangible example. We become so emotionally invested in our personal opinions of whether or not God exists that when presented with dissenting..., Hawaiian Biodiversity Loss Driven by Feral Ungulates, A Study in Violence: Examining Rape in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. In the 18th century, Adam Smith, widely recognized as the father of economic theory, noted the detachment of emotion caused by distance: There is also a diffusion of values on issues such as human rights, democracy, and even on very specific concerns such as health matters. This essay will consider the implications of conflicting arguments addressing this question.

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