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(Marli will not spawn any Blessed Spirits to heal Sul while empowered.). Once Marli summons her first Living Spirit, DPS will deal with it, then will start working on Frost King (aside from the player(s) permanently assigned to Sul). We are a large active social guild with over How to solo-tank Council of Elders 10 man. Malak: Frostbite Plays the same way as it does on normal mode.However,when a player reduces another player frostbite stacks,he is debuffed with body heat,which,as soon as it expires it not only causes the player to no longer contribute to the stack reduction,but they also take the full unmitigated damage if they are close to the frostbitted player.To deal with this the first 8 secs the debuffed player should stack with ranged or melee/tank players to reduce the damage,and then move from raid and use personal cds to survive alone the full unmitigated frostbite damage while he/she is healed. Possessed Kazra-jin reflects damage, so try to time any heavy hitting abilities for when he is not overloaded while not holding back DPS too much. This guide is updated for World of Warcraft WoD 6.1.2. This section contains information that needs to be. ... Council of Elders kills (25-player Heroic Throne of Thunder) Related. Durumu the Forgotten Megaera Its also important to note than raids might prefer to 3heal it due to the damage going around(unless they heavy overgear the fight,in such case 2healing is also possible). Maintaining a DPS on Sul will also force him to be the lowest health. Sul: If Sul is ever allowed to be empowered(which is not advised) the sand pool summoned when his adds dies will grow if they overlap,and when sul sandstorm again,this bigger pools summons bigger,and deadly adds. Dispel all roots. Ya shouldn't be messin' wit da Zandalari! This is a simple guide on how to solo Council of Elders in the Throne of Thunder raid. So now I'm here, and it reset on me, and I'm wondering what I did wrong, and looking for advice. While Sul is the activated councilor, a tank must also pick up the spawned sand elementals for AoE. When they die, they reform the damaging sand piles. (lore) The Elder Council. Council of Elders Watch Queue Queue. (lore) Decreased the power gain rate of possessed council members in 10-player Normal difficulty. The only thing you have to do to earn this - Keep fighting inside the big rind painted on the ground. Forums. (lore) Watch Queue Queue Gara’jal the Spiritbinder’s defeat in the Mogu’shan Vaults was, yes, merely a setback. So I just discovered that the Council of Elders boss in ToT is made up of the 4 major troll leaders. There should be enough time remaining on the DPS cooldowns to break the empowerment before (or just as) Dark Power goes off. See what guilds have achieved this on GuildOx! Kazra'jin should empower next, and DPS will need to work on him except for the assigned Sul players. Frostwolf rep switched accordingly and I was able to do most of the Shadowmoon quests and quests in other zones that give Exarch rep... by the time I finished I was around 19/21k with Council of Exarchs (numbers may be a little off, apologies), easily grinding the rest of it out in Socrethar's rise. By the time the empowerment jumps from Kazra'jin to Marli, Sul should be on less than 20% health. (25-man difficulties will, for obvious reasons, require extra players.). (lore). It's LFR, it's not supposed to be difficult. Always up to date. Dark Animus So I came to the Council of Elders 25 man heroic page and found no comments. 12. Kazra'jin's Reckless Charge should no longer hit players twice at the point of impact. TheDDGuides → How to "TANK" Council of Elders, TheDDGuides → How to "DPS" Council of Elders, TheDDGuides → How to "HEAL" Council of Elders, TheDDGuides → Heroic Council of Elders Strategy Guide, "Council of Elders" PTR Dungeon Journal Preview, Council of Elders PTR Preview by Icy Veins, Patch 5.2 Raid Preview: Throne of Thunder,, Before the fight begins, assign one good melee with reliable interrupts to permanently stay on Sul. Even high priestess Mar'li, the chosen representative of the primal god shadra.... is pretty much ignored for the entire fight. Kaz'Rajin: Instead of overloading,he will discharge energy when possesed by gara'jal,which reflects 10% of his damage taken to the whole raid, instead of just 50% to the attackers. I was doign research on all of the major troll tribes and started noticing some familiar names.... Now, I'm only an LFR raider so I really didn't pay much attention to the council bosses names. Solo, 25man Heroic, sub rogue ilvl 902. cooldownrotation, council of elders, hastadin, holy avenger, paladin tank, solo tank. Kazra-jin cannot be tanked and can be ignored. After a while it reset on me, with no indication why. The leader of the great amani trike, zul'jin's successor.... Rolls around aimlessly while the raid just ignores him. (lore) About The Elder Council. This is a two-tank fight. As of before, DPS can stop on Kazra'jin and do extra damage on Sul if they are ahead of the energy bar. The fights are more or less insulting to all of them. It is important to take off 25% of the possessed mob's health before it reaches 100% energy. So this time around you aren’t fighting him directly, but rather dealing with him as he possesses and empowers leaders of four other troll tribes, strengthening their attacks until you can force him out of the body he has chosen to occupy.[1]. Lei Shen: Bah! (lore) Added in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Horridon They are empowered by Gara'jal the Spiritbinder (Zandalari representative). The Priestess' adds are top priority when they spawn and can be stunned, slowed, and knocked back. Gallery. Gildenübersicht für die Allianzgilde 'Council of Elders' auf Antonidas – EU The Council of Elders is the third boss encounter in the Throne of Thunder. The Priestess is a caster that can either be left to free-cast or interrupted occasionally as long as a tank maintains aggro. If the fight was anything else, If these were just high officers of the troll tribes, I think it would be a great encounter. Alternatively, the Frostbite target can run and stack on the tanks and melee. The leader of the Drakkari empire is pulled off into a corner and ignored until it's his turn to die. Primordius The Council of Elders makes up the third boss encounter of the Throne of Thunder. In the Pandaria Raid Achievements category. 10 Heroic: Council of EldersDefeat the Council of Elders in Throne of Thunder on Heroic difficulty. Most groups find it easiest to kill Sul before he becomes empowered, as dealing with the sand elementals can be extremely problematic the first time, and is deadly if Sul becomes empowered a second time due to their sheer numbers. Patch 5.2.0 (2013-03-05): Added. You can slay Kazra'jin first as he moves across arena with no control. it's the fact that all 4 troll leaders PLUS gara'jal's spirit form are all just steamrolled as the third boss out of 13 in a raid dungeon that isn't about the trolls at all. There are no phases, only mechanics that change according to which councilor is activated. But to just gut the 4 leaders of the most powerful troll empires on azeroth all at the same time with 25 or even 10 players is just... insulting to the lore. This video is unavailable. I'm currently trying to solo Throne of Thunder, but every time I try to solo Council of Elders I get disconnected. It is targeted at anyone who desires to understand the fight mechanics. The fight plays pretty much same as Normal mode,but every boss ability granted by Gara'jal empowerments is somewhat changed.

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