gct test with 50 gms glucose

At Taksin Hospital, 50 grams glu-cose challenge test (GCT) screening by risk factors and confirmed by 100 grams oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) has been practiced for many years without extensive evaluation. The pregnant women came to the antenatal care clinic (ANC) in varied gestational age from 1st to 3rd trimester and most cutoff values of The current U.S. standard of care dictates that all pregnant women should be screened for GDM during weeks 24-28 of gestation via the glucose challenge test (GCT), in which a 50-gram glucose solution is administered and blood glucose is measured after 1 hour. The glucose challenge test determines an individual’s response to glucose (sugar). If 50 grams GCT ≥ 140 mg/dL, 100 grams oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was done to diagnose GDM. The patient is given a 50 gram oral glucose load and blood is drawn one hour later. This is a non-fasting test. Test Code LAB2111082 Glucose Tolerance, 1 hour test, 50 g (Gestational Diabetes Screen) Important Note. Glucose Challenge Test GCT 50 gram & 75 gram. During pregnancy, a type of diabetes known as gestational diabetes develops. The one hour oral glucose challenge test [GCT] is a screening test for gestational diabetes that measures plasma or serum glucose concentration 1 hour after a 50-g oral glucose load. This test is recommended and only available as a screen for PREGNANT patients at 24-28 weeks gestation. In this test, a sugary solution is given to the person taking the test, and his sugar levels are measured one hour later.

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