garrotxa cheese pairing

Pair Humboldt Fog, a goat milk cheese, with California Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc and enjoy the taste this pairing offers. Garrotxa is most appropriately served with dry wine but also fruit driven white wines and soft rounded reds. Garrotxa pairs well with crusty country bread, nuts and is best served with white wines such as a Catalonian Priorat, Pinot Gris, Verdejo, or Chardonnay.Or pair with Cava: the clean, lactic qualities of the cheese strikes harmony with Spain's sparkling white. A goat's milk cheese with a decidedly different style is Garrotxa, from Catalonia. The 2002 Naia is also from Catalonia, in this case from the Rueda DO. Garrotxa cheese is produced from the milk of aged goat and is usually served with a Spanish red or Riesling from Ribera del Duero. The aged Merlot has the right balance of tannins and fruits. Merlot has a dark fruit flavor and a bold structure that makes it ideal for its pairing with the Garrotxa cheese. It's firm, with notes of chalk, wild herbs, and brine as well as a touch of nuts to it. If you are thinking of hosting a dinner, you should definitely put this on top of your list of selections for the night. GARROTXA (gahr-ROH-chah) Description: CATALONIA, GARROTXA-A traditional "rustic cheese", the paste is firm, almost flaky, yet moist and smooth.When ripe, it melts on the tongue, revealing mild herbal flavors with a hint of hazelnuts. Merlot and Garrotxa.

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