galactus fantastic four

Silver Surfer's job was to locate new worlds for Galactus in exchange for sparing the Surfer's own world. This week on Marvel 101, witness the utter destruction wrought by one of the Marvel … Galactus's appearance on Silver Surfer was the first Marvel series character to be computer generated. First, and currently only, time he has had a recurring role rather than guest appearance. Galactus descends upon Fortnite on 1st December, Epic has announced. News by Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor Updated on 26 November 2020. Galactus was voiced by Tony Jay on Fantastic Four and James Blendick on Silver Surfer. Eventually, Galactus grew determined to consume the energy-rich planet Earth. However, Surfer found allies in the Fantastic Four … The Surfer rebelled, and elastic inventor Reed Richards of the legendary team of adventurers known as the Fantastic Four thwarted Galactus… Fantastic Four all. Galactus | Marvel 101 Consumer of worlds and destroyer of planets, Galactus roams the cosmos with one goal in mind. And so Galactus transformed Radd into his Sentinel of the Space ways: the Silver Surfer. Fans expect Galactus … In the Comics. Galactus … Earth. Galactus was lead to Earth by his herald known as the Silver Surfer, whom he had employed and imbued with the Power Cosmic.

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