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Where each child resides primarily with a different parent (i.e. The Judge must make the finding that there are facts to support the awarding of sole legal custody. States have child support guidelines to ensure that a child receives proper support, but courts sometimes can deviate from the guidelines if needed. Petitions for custody and support of minor children, which you will file if you and the other parent do not want to get a divorce, but you want to set up a custody arrangement for other reasons; or; Child support agency cases, which occur when you are the subject of a local child support … Child custody is a legal term regarding guardianship which is used to describe the legal and practical relationship between a parent or guardian and a child in that person's care. If the court enters an order of support and you choose to ignore it, that is considered contempt of court. If the judge makes a finding that you are in contempt, you may be fined or even jailed for such behavior. Family law is a complex field involving a wide range of issues and concerns. More Child Support Information. Fail to pay child support. By Brad Micklin Updated: March 27, 2019 Categories: Child Custody, Fathers and Divorce Child custody consists of legal custody, which is the right to make decisions about the child, and physical custody, which is the right and duty to house, provide and care for the child. 5 Custody Tips for Dads Who Want Full Custody of Their Kids These custody tips for dads could increase your chances of becoming a full-time parent to your kids after divorce. The courts seek to award custody based on the best interest of the child. Therefore, shared custody or equal time-sharing is often preferred over sole custody. The Best Interest of the Child. split custody) the calculator assesses child support payable by each parent and the difference is the child support payable. Full Custody - There is no such thing as “full custody” in Kansas. Read on for tips that could help you win your custody case. Issues surrounding children -- custody and support in particular -- can be some of the most contentious elements in a divorce, but it serves your kids best if you can work things out. Even though most children benefit from joint custody, some situations may warrant sole legal and physical custody being granted to the mother. Full custody refers to child custody arrangements where only one parent has custody of the child or children. Each party has visitation with the child in the custody of the other. Divided custody - This means that one child lives with one parent and another child with the other. 6. What Is Full Custody? A parent who is granted full custody is often referred to as the “primary custodial parent.”The custodial parent generally has full rights with regards to legal custody (i.e., making legal decisions for the child) as well as physical custody (i.e.

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