frigidaire gallery ice maker

Featured Video. I have replaced the triple solenoid valve, however it still will not work. Try these fixes first. Top 7 Reasons Refrigerator Dispenser Isn’t Working? 03:47. The fan blade was frozen with condensation. Allows you to add ice making capabilities to all Frigidaire top freezer refrigerators made after 2003. closed. We get water from the door, but the ice tray is not filling with water and so is not emptying. The dispenser control board governs most of the functions of the dispenser system. Report This by Manage My Life. After cleaning the refrigerator and freezer the icemaker stopped working. Buy ice makers to repair your Frigidaire refrigerator at PartSelect. Author: Jeff Suovanen. Yup , the repairman is right, i see it happen alot too on the frigidaire models, its easy to fix, just take out the ice bucket, then make sure the metal arm that extends out from the back of the bucket moves up and down freely, sometimes ice can jam it. Common solutions for: Why is My Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice? Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Working . Some common problems with Frigidaire ice makers include clogged filters, malfunctioning ice mold thermostats and malfunctioning defrost systems that cause the condenser coils to frost. What to do when your Frigidaire's ice maker is not working, but the water does? 01 - Dispenser Control Board. I cleared some ice from around the mechanisms also. It is a model number FRS26KF5CB1. 509. If you see one, simply flip it to the "off" position, and you're done. It is common for the ice-maker assembly to fail after long-term use. Frigidaire, Gallery series ice maker stopped working this week. Frigidaire Gallery icemaker popping sound solution after cleaning Thanks Kuriath you're solution is appreciated. I have a Frigidaire Gallery French door model. Why is My Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice? If you want to turn off Frigidaire's ice maker look for a switch on the front of your ice maker. This is a common problem. 609,607. Why won't my Frigidaire ice maker fill up with water? ice maker i ce maker ice maker water valve line thermal cut-out hold switch thermostat shutoff switch water fill switch mold heater mold mounting plate 165 watts motor neutral blk blk blk blu c c c no no no nc nc nc yellow brn red grn / yel red red lt. blue p-3 p-1 p-2 p-4 ice maker lt. blue performance data no load & no door openings at 37°/0° slider closed. Great prices on all factory-authorized Frigidaire ice makers. There was a faint popping sound every few seconds. If you are having an issue with the arm of this kit hitting the shelf, you will have to replace the shelf. (Blew that 50 bucks) The water dispenser functions well. Qty. September 24th, 2008. This ice maker mounts to the back panel in the freezer section of the side-by-side refrigerator. If your Frigidaire refrigerator is not making ice anymore, but the water dispenser still works (or only works slowly), don’t lose your cool!

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