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Milk is a white liquid made by mammals, like cows, dogs, and humans.It is made in the mammary glands (breasts, udders, or teats) of female mammals.Because newborn babies have no teeth, they must be given milk before they can eat solid food.Milk has many nutrients to help babies grow and be healthy. Mandazi – triangular-shaped fried bread with coconut milk, eaten as a snack or dessert. It is also a rich source of calcium which is good for your bones and teeth. Afterward, I resorted to the internet to figure out exactly what I had eaten. Essentially, leche frita is a mixture of milk, flour, and sugar that’s coated in eggs and flour and then fried in olive oil. History. He grew up in the Southwest part of the state and I grew up in the Northeast part. But of course, everyone has their own take on it, adding things like cinnamon sugar or lemon peel to create unique variations. The way to eat ugali is to roll a lump into a ball with your palm and then dip it into a side dish sauce, soup or stew. Nyama choma - grilled beef or goat meat; Ugali - maize porridge eaten as a staple throughout East Africa, in particular around the Great Lakes region. Fried cornmeal mush is a classic breakfast for Midwesterners. Fried Mush Recipe. In 2018, charred bread crumbs were found at a Natufian site called Shubayqa 1 in Jordan (in Harrat ash Shaam, the Black Desert) dating to 12,400 BC, some 4,000 years before the start of agriculture in the region. My husband and I both grew up in Ohio. Find out how to make a homemade version of KFC's famous fried chicken here! Analysis showed that they were probably … Over the past few years I’ve learned that just because we both grew up in Ohio, that doesn’t mean we had the same food traditions. Eating fried foods may contribute to high blood pressure, low “good” HDL cholesterol and obesity, which are all risk factors for heart disease (13, 14, 15, 16). Generally less sweet than a doughnut.

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