fluorosis treatment at home

Fluorosis treatment . Results will however vary depending on the treatment used. Dental Fluorosis Treatment Dental Fluorosis can easily be treated cosmetically by a dentist. For mild cases, bleaching can be effective, while severe cases can be restored through porcelain veneers. Because of this, it is critical that one of the aspects of fluorosis treatment considered is getting crowns on any impacted teeth. Using a Baking-Soda Based Toothpaste. In mild cases of fluorosis, no treatment is required. One of the consequences of fluorosis is it can form a pit in the teeth. Related Post: Teeth Whitening Tips: Natural Remedies. However, in more severe cases there are several fluorosis treatment options aimed at improving the appearance of affected teeth. If the appearance of the teeth is seen as a problem, teeth whitening treatments can help to resolve visibly white spots. Home teeth whitening might help cover some of the stains, but it won’t solve the issue long-term. Most cases of fluorosis are cosmetic and need no form of treatment. Another way to remove or reduce the stains from fluorosis is to use a more coarse or abrasive type of toothpaste. Deans Index is also used to obtain the fluorosis score of an individual. While fluoride has a powerful ability to keep cavities from forming, those pits could become infected with bacteria and turn into a cavity anyway. Fluorosis treatment options include: Removal of stains through tooth whitening For more severe cases, consult your child’s dentist for the best treatment options.

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