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Flight nurses must keep this in mind as they treat their patients in a loud, chaotic environment. Below, we’ve listed the online nursing programs that can lead to flight nurse certification. RNs that make it onto a plane or rescue helicopter have earned some serious stripes in the Nursing Industry. Other possible certifications and qualifications include: 1. While flight nursing is a highly specialized area of the field, there is no degree program specifically targeted toward the specialization. When browsing an online program, always confirm the school’s accreditation status, business model, and reciprocity within your state. A flight nurse assists patients during air transportation. It’s like a super-charged EMT but with even more aggressive patient care tactics. In an ED RNs learn to sink or swim, to fly by the seat of their pants and make split-second life-changing decisions based on excellent nursing judgment and attention to patient care and safety. Would you like to be interviewed and featured on our site? Critical Care nurses are often considered as well. Most nurses choose to earn their degree through the traditional route, which is earning a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). Earn a nursing degree. While flight nurses are not expected to pilot the aircraft, a basic understanding of aircraft and aeronautical principle is helpful. 3 years experience as a registered nurse in a high volume emergency department or ICU/CCU Typically, a flight nurse’s patients have either undergone significant trauma that requires speedy evacuation to a medical facility, or quick transport from one hospital to another. If you want to become a flight nurse for the military, you will have some specific steps to take. A flight nurse is a highly trained healthcare professional who delivers pre-hospital patient care aboard an aircraft. Average salary for a flight RN is $66,000. A career as an Air National Guard Flight Nurse is one of the most rewarding careers offered. Flight nurses are a sub-specialty of Trauma Nurse that take emergency care to the skies. Flight Nurse Military Requirements. Most patients are in flight because their medical situation is dire. What kind of chops does it take to climb into one of those cool jumpsuits and wing it out to some Level 1 Trauma accident or mini disaster? Delivering medical care onboard an aircraft can be challenging due to limited space. In the ED you gain the know-how necessary to manage a constantly changing patient ebb and flow where a wide variety of mild conditions to life-threatening traumas can exist in tandem. Flight nurse salaries vary based on many factors including your experience, your employer, geographic area of work, and level of education. A cool head and the ability to perform under stress are essential qualities for these nurses. Accessed: September 2018. Patients in this scenario are often terrified or disoriented; fight nurses also soothe and reassure. Chose your state below to browse your options. Flight nurses stabilize these patients as much as possible, administering emergency care and preparing the patient for treatment. 5. To effectively liaise with the medical team at the receiving facility, flight nurses must communicate crucial details about the patient’s history and current health. In many cases, the flight nurse’s actions help save lives, and while it’s a stressful position, it’s also a very rewarding career. © 2020 Nursing.org, a Red Ventures Company. Source: Data taken from The Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you can do this successfully for a few years then you may be ready to compete for a flight nurse job. To become a flight nurse in the United States, you first will need to become a registered nurse by completing a nursing program at a regionally accredited college or hospital and passing a national exam.You also are advised to have at least two years of experience working as a nurse in the critical care unit or emergency room of a hospital. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. Secondary to patient comfort and safety, a flight nurse’s role is to liaise with medical professionals at the receiving facility, ensuring that all case notes and patient files are delivered into the right hands. Credentials in critical care nursing, emergency nursing, and cardiac life support are popular options. nursingschool.org is an advertising-supported site. What Does It Take to Become a Flight Nurse? Additionally, employers generally expect you to have accumulated one to three years of clinical experience in emergency, trauma, or critical care nursing. Flight nurses are highly trained in advanced lifesaving procedures, and must have the confidence to make quick decisions about treatment in the absence of an on-the-ground medical team. If you’re an adrenaline junkie and considering nursing as a field then flight nurse might be on your career radar. You may qualify for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) by earning an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN, or ADN) or a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing … 3. The key to landing a flight nurse job: the more advanced and trauma-targeted your training, the better. Source: Data taken from Payscale. If you are an accredited, not-for-profit institution that offers an online flight nurse program and that isn’t listed, please contact us with details about your program, a link to your program page and proof of accreditation. Most employers require at least a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), although they are more likely to require the master of nursing (MSN) for this position. Flight nursing, in and of itself, is not packaged into any formal nursing school degree. Flight Nurse Requirements. As a flight nurse, you have a unique opportunity to comfort those in distress and make a … Online Adult/Gerontology Care Nurse Practitioner Programs, Online Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs, Online Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs, Online Graduate Certificate in Nursing Programs, Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing, The Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS), Air & Surface Transport Nurses Association (ASTNA). This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Many colleges across the country offer campus-based courses. How To Become A Flight Nurse – Requirements, Training, Certification Required Education. Experience. EMT certification 2. The common trait shared by all flight nurses is their ability to administer life-sustaining care in a pressurized environment. While flight nursing is a highly specialized area of the field, there is no degree program specifically targeted toward the specialization. Other possible certifications and qualifications include: On the job training for Flight Nurses ensures new job candidates are skilled with specialized flight equipment and understand the scope of practice in this ultra-specialized environment. Nursing.org is an advertising-supported site. Additionally, jobs in the field should grow steadily in the future, as well: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15% increase in available nursing jobs through 2026. Specialized training in flight nursing is required for this job. It’s time for your career to soar. Most employers require two to three years of nursing experience in a critical care, emergency, or intensive care environment prior to flight nursing. We will get on it immediately! Furthermore flight nurses are seriously committed to their jobs, so there is hardly a glut of openings. The ability to establish positive interpersonal and professional relationships is essential. Various life support certifications—neonate, pediatric, geriatric, etc. In the air, flight nurses are generally standing, crouching, or bending over to attend to the patient. Accessed: July 2018. “Compete,” is the operative term. Depending on the credentials and their granting bodies, some certifications are only available after you have completed graduate study. Flight Nurse: Salary, Requirements & Job Description. Based on our research, it seems that even if a nurse is qualified to be a flight nurse, they might not get the job because of … These patients have been injured so grievously that standard ground transportation may risk the patient’s life. Position Prerequisites: • NYS Registered Professional Nurse, B.S.N. You’ll have to pursue a job at a large Level I or II trauma center most likely. You can help advance your qualifications with membership in the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) and by opting to take the Certified Flight RN exam. First, most flight nurses are expected to earn an MSN or BSN at the least.

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