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What you need to really know is that PhD programs in psychology are VERY competitive if you're looking for the best opportunity you can get....Clinical Psychology programs are ESPECIALLY competitive. That’s great from the perspective of I/O psychologists – lots of jobs – but not so great for grad … In fact, of all mental health professionals, about three out of every four are In fact, many of those in my cohort later became junior specialists in their senior and gap years. If Ph.D, either take worse chances at acceptance and start applying during your senior year or get a full time job as a research assistant for 1-3 years after you graduate. I was applying to Cognitive Psychology programs so its a much more rare program (though not as competitive, just a newer field) and I don't know Clinical as well as I do Cognitive, but I did look at the numbers. At the moment, I'm hoping that I can work part-time (enough to pay my rent), keep going to school full-time and make up any needed difference with my student loans and Pell grant money in between; I'm also applying for every scholarship possible, but whether or not anything will come of that remains to be seen. I was a full time student and went back and forth between part time and full time work. High GRE scores are important because many clinical and counseling doctoral programs receive hundreds of applications. This might include administering surveys, entering data, and looking up research articles. I don't know ANYONE who has $0 debt. It is very possible that you end up as a Research assistant to some total dickhead professor who doesn't care about you at all. So debt-free, you can get by can even get a fellowship if you are ALREADY published when you apply and simply wish to continue your own research (and the institution agrees its worthwhile). Yes, there's an interview process but that only goes so far and frankly you have to make it to that point to begin with. I was fully-funded as well. I got paid approximately $24K a year. Just do your research and do it now. A lot of the people in my program TA classes, sometimes multiple classes, and work as student life coordinators (e.g. For example, applicants with high GRE quantitative scores might be offered teaching assistantships in statistics or a research assistantship with a faculty member. I'm twenty-three, live on my own and have no parental support for my scholastic endeavors. What Is a Communications Major? live on campus and supervise RAs in exchange for paid rooming expenses) to help pay for things as well. What Do Grad Schools Look for in Students? Some schools do things differently and simply accept whoever they want at this point, but mine interviews all 20 or so and makes offers to the best. 6 Steps for Getting Into Psychology Graduate School Pick a Career Path or Specialty. People who have graduated with their doctorates already may not realize how competitive things have gotten since the recession hit and people decided to go back to school. Don't limit yourself with the illusion of names- Harvard does not have as good a psychology program as other, non-ivy league schools. There are people like that. Psy.D or MSW. Applicants to graduate school in clinical and counseling psychology need … My problem is not that I'm unsure about the path I want to take, but rather how I'm going to get there. I really can't imagine a situation where someone gets a Ph.D without research experience. At this point, a committee looks through a long list of, say, 50+ people. She specializes in professional development for undergraduate and graduate students. The psych GRE score usually will not get you in, and it will not keep you out. How prestigious a particular grad school or program is can affect its overall competitiveness and selectivity. While these programs are competitive, the "VERY BEST" mentality recommended by detail3 feels like a scare tactic. Its rough, but you can do it if you really want to. 3.4 or higher preferred. Any advice for getting into a Masters program? #1: School or Program Prestige. Finding out why your admission was denied can help you pinpoint action steps to take to re-apply in the future. Considering the ridiculous match rate (40ish% of students applying for an APA accredited internship do not match. After that, the short list is invited for interviews. If you can, muster the confidence to call your admissions counselor to … Not very important. That support comes in the form of full tuition remissions and a stipend...I was just applying and pulled my applications because I decided to take a different track in life...I just decided I was too old to dedicate another (minimum) five years to schooling, no matter how attracted I was/am to psychology. GRE scores are a common way of narrowing the applicant pool. That's the big thing...get published in undergrad. I have an 1100 GRE score, is it possible to get into grad school for psych, if not, any recommendations? Sounds like your parents paid for your tuition though, correct? PsyDs tend to have greater debt, which is why I decided not to go that route. The APPIC Match process will be a lot easier. Anyone below a certain GPA/GRE score is trimmed from the list. Students in scientist programs earn PhDs and are trained exclusively as scientists; no training is offered in practice. Instead doctoral programs, specifically Ph.D. programs, look for research experience and research experience trumps all other extracurricular activities. But, it's not directly related to their potential to succeed as a clinical scientist. I know PLENTY who have upwards of $150,000. At mine, we have a guaranteed 5 years of funding, with no teaching or ("official") research obligations. It often also includes tasks like copying and collating papers.

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