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And keep drinking water if you find yourself sweating a lot. With more people in the UK boxing, more people are experiencing the final week before a contest. They really wind me up. Your body should be recharging ad recovering in the time leading up to fight night. Some people will be on Youtube looking for last-minute tips. You feel like some kind of wedding planner. Get my most advanced boxing tips, as soon as I write them...for FREE! oh man im a little bit stressed. This websit helps me mentally more than anything else does. Some people are hanging out with friends to relax. Thanks for everything. Its so amazing that you respond to all the comments, Not many people do that i really appreciate it. All you can do is try your best and enjoy the replay footage later. If it’s your first fight, you’ll probably get almost no sleep. Once your fight is coming up within the next hour, only sip water. You were talking about it on your grounding punching article. I am in the Masters Division (guys over 35). I have the habit of when my opponent comes towards me and lashes out on me sometimes I decide to stand there and cover up then let them hit me and as soon as I find an opening I start throwing heavy ones and get back on them. There’s nothing else to do. Others are shadowboxing all night. My tip is to let your hands go. In his latest blog Frank Buglioni explains the final stage of preparation before a contest THE hardest and most crucial time for fight preparations are often in the final stages. I love your ’10 Boxing Footwork vid. I imagine Vaseline would make a difference in MMA because it’s so much harder for your opponent to grapple with you. Jhonny you are the man, man. Copyright © 2008–2020 ExpertBoxing. Why Lifting Weights Won’t Increase Punching Power – PART 2, 5 Mental Strength Tips to Make You a Champion, 10 Advanced Secrets to Balance and Footwork, The Secret Fight Training Method – SLOW SPARRING, Southpaw Guide to Beating Orthodox Fighters, Why Lifting Weights Won’t Increase Punching Power, Power Punching Secrets, PART 1: Two-Legged Punching, boxing shoes, socks, shorts, shirts, sweats (so you don’t cool off after warming up), gloves, headgear, groin protector, handwraps, gauze, knuckle padding, 1″ white tape (sometimes called sports tape), bucket, Vaseline, band-aids, scissors, Q-tips, rag or towel (to wipe off blood, sweat, excess Vaseline), bottle of water (poke a hole on the top of the cap so you can use it as a squirt bottle). This is not warm-up shadowboxing. I will be keeping these tips in mind. Be excited to fight. Hello. He believes in punching one way, all the time, and just blocking. Appreciate the above tips. Check out my guide called “Where to Look During a Fight“. I have another fight coming up very soon and was wondering if you had any tips on how to relax and not have a adreilene dump before the fight. This is a distraction not needed in the final hours before a contest. Thanks for this article very good, the main thing i say and do is just chill, drink little and often, but just chill, stretch, xbox , read whatever just chill, dont get all pumped for the fight then when its time to fight up, your so pumped you cant relax in the ring, then probabaly next day you end up being a bit ill as you’ve been pumped then the down happens! I saw the GSP vs BJ Penn fight where GSP was disqualified for his team using vaseline all over his body? I’d advise a five-day taper for three round contests and a ten-day taper for persons boxing championship duration (10 rounds or more) After your last hard sessions, two to three very light and sharp sessions should consist of lose shadow boxing and bursts of pad work, these sessions should never be more than 30 minutes in duration and just there to keep you sharp. This is just another session in the ring, you might win and you might lose. If you’re going to be fighting shirtless, you can also put some on your chest and shoulders. Keep your eyes on your “opponent” and prepare yourself to punch at a live opponent. Make sure everything works. 10 days before the fight, the intensity starts to taper off. Try not to have any water in your stomach during the fight, this can make you tired or nauseous (especially if you get hit in the stomach). Disisdaball. I’m a 14 yr old boxer from Australia and I’ve fought before and I’m going in the golden gloves soon but I have one problem. Drink all the water you need hours before the fight and keep urinating. once again. Hi Johnny, Very often as the home fighter there are people coming to watch you and people love living on Then get to bed. I was told authentic and handcrafted around... by Mary C, ^To further reiterate my above comment, let me add that training to STAY RELAXED and throw SMOOTH punches, not “hard”... by Josh Fisher, It would be easier explained as “push muscles” and “pull muscles”, not “ outside muscles” and “inside muscles”. Start warming up when you have about 1-2 hours before your fight. I don’t have a set date for releasing this yet but I will get to it eventually. And deep inside, you keep wondering if you’re ready. If you have time please mail me. Keep fighting, more and more. Look up dynamic stretching on Google and do it. Amateur boxing is on a point system and with fewer rounds. How it is estimated whether someone should be fighting on, say, Olympics, or on proffesional fights? Where are your family and friends sitting? This is for you to decide. Treat it the same way you would before a sparring session or before you hit the heavy bag. He kept it cool but man, we all wanted to kill the guy. Figured I’d google some tips on what to avoid in the days leading up the fight. There is one question I have about fight preparation that I haven’t been able to find the answer to, and it is this: How do we go about “tapering” our work-ups leading up to an amateur fight? Thanks a lot ! I know I mentioned an mma fight but I do not know much about boxing. I am worried About. Some people will be on Youtube looking for last-minute tips. Oh my god, I read this through and I started getting all excited Youre articles are great. Share your thoughts with other boxers. Granted many professionals and amateurs are well versed in this intense period. When I first started I was very hungry for the sport and felt unstoppable. its too cool, thanx. Pahaa Wear sweats so your body can heat up quicker. Put on a movie or TV show you like to watch and just relax. The usual places are on the outside of your headgear, a thin layer over your forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, and chin. Want your own comment image? All Rights Reserved. I would be really grateful to have a few personal tips from A prestigious fighter. The more you talk to yourself, the more you psyche yourself out.

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