fall gold raspberry

Raspberry ‘Fall Gold’ – This everbearing yellow-gold raspberry is extremely sweet and excellent for fresh eating, canning, and preserves. Tolerates cool weather and drought better than most raspberry plants. Self pollinating. Fall Gold is very similar to the Heritage Red Raspberry … The fruit appears on upright, tall, thorny canes, making 'Fall Gold' a great choice … Note: Do not plant Red, Gold … strigosus 'Fall Gold' An everbearing yellow-gold raspberry with an extremely sweet flavor. Item#: … 'Fall Gold' is a yellow raspberry, setting extra-large, richly sweet berries with a nice tart note that makes every bite interesting. Vigorous and hardy. Excellent for eating fresh, canning and preserves. Similar to red raspberries in all respects but color. This upright everbearing variety is extremely hardy and vigorous - produces two crops on each cane: a small crop in late spring to early summer followed by a heavy crop in late summer to fall. This is a hardy plant that adapts to just about any type of soil and prefers a sunny spot in your garden. They are vigorous and extremely hardy. Full of that juicy, fruity flavor we all adore, this modern take on the traditional raspberry is a proven winner in pies, muffins and tarts, as well as … Compact height allows the Fall Gold … Fall Gold has everybody cookin' up something good. Fall Gold Raspberry Rubus idaeus var.

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