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Study level/applicability These two icons make Dubai mall a ve, star destination (Emaar, nd; Source: The Dubai Mall: The world’, Picture-2: Dancing Musical Fountains (External Attractions at Dubai Mall), The internal structure of Dubai mall is also very unique; the mall is divided into sections, which makes it easier for shoppers. further, any improvement or renovation means the tenant's expense but the owner's profit. will be held at University Center, Chicago, USA. As highlighted earlier, cities with more elderly populations are mainly located in Spain and eastern Germany. additional attraction and entertainment). In addition to secondary, data, primary data was also collected by the researchers to frame the real life case study of, ‘Dubai Mall’. Below given Figure-4 reects that when people go to shopping they consider the different, attributes while selecting the specic location (mall). An empirical study of consumer activity within multiple mall habitats is then discussed. Infrastructural. matching to land value theory of. The theory assumes that the “bid rent”, amount, a retailer is willing to pay, depends on how close to the central business district the location, is, where higher bid rents are found in the central city rings (Clarkson, R., et al, 1996). This paper studies the role of geodemographic segmentation as an analytic tool in retail location strategy. The various multinational retail stores and brands are available at Dubai Mall and these re-, tailers have spent a huge amount in establishing their brands there and are paying high rents. It is interesting to note that even with the recession, retailers are going strong and in certain cases, new retail outlets are also being opened. The most recent assessment, of 811 cities and large towns across Europe, revealed that the performance gap between the ‘best’ and ‘the rest’ is widening. It is not at nearest destination, but people visit there from all the, distant places and different Emirates too, for enjoying the shopping experience, fun and ex-, citement. More important than the actual retail space itself. Retail is all about relevance: right product, right place, right time, and right price. Over the decades, the importance of location of retail shops has been highlighted by many researchers, academicians and practitioners to understand the importance of retail location … Although large enclosed shopping malls represent significant institutions in modem Western culture, consumers' activities within malls have been surprisingly underresearched. The World Tourism Organisation predicts that international tourist arrivals will rise by an average of 3.3% a year from 2010 to 2030. which “Dubai Mall” has done very stra-, tegically and making it so successful in a highly competitive environment in Dubai. have been surprisingly underresearched. Amsterdam is a good examplar of the benefits. good ambience) and musical fountains (i.e. Registered Office: 1 Kentish Buildings, 125 Borough High Street, London SE1 1NP, Franklin Templeton social infra property fund adds five assets, MIRA-led consortium to buy Romanian power assets from ČEZ, Ohio Police & Fire commits to Oaktree opportunistic property fund, Henderson Park snaps up €421m Lagoas business park in Lisbon, The rapid change in shopping behaviour is making location risk the biggest challenge retail investors face in Europe, writes, New Mexico SIC joins Blackstone’s life sciences real estate fund, Kansas PERS could invest up to $500m in real estate in 2021, LXi REIT invests £61m to buy 11 food, discount stores. The subjectivity in their interpretation is much, less since results can be presented in terms of levels of statistical condence”. The mall houses 10 mini-malls within the massive structure. that could dene the success of retail rms. He described, Dubai mall’s location in three simple words “Easy, that Dubai mall’s location at the peak of Sheikh Zayed road makes it accessible, and conveni-. Its strategic location further adds a few distinctive attribute as it is very close to “Burj, lighting, musical and dancing fountains: Picture-2). work of the greatest substance and highest significance is published. It is sectioned in a way that high end luxury outlets are, situated in one area, in addition electronics can also be found on the same level. One more thing to note here is that this model doesn’t look at the geographical transportation, largest mall in the world in terms of Goss leasable, November’ 2008. The country’s high structural unemployment rate has caused a brain drain, birth rates are low and the number of retirees is rising; yet Madrid and Barcelona are among Europe’s 14 most attractive retail destinations in our City Attractiveness ranking. Read our policy. , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA. Another critic is the concept of the center being the most, sought out location. designed glass ceiling. Also, the way, in which the nancial analysis method looks into the viability of a site is somewhat similar, to the theory of land value (Clarkson, R., et al, Retail location strategy can be divided into two broad areas- the Market Factors and the, Operative Factors (Oscar and Javier Benito, 2005). The central place theory seeks to explain the pattern through which urban systems develop, through observations that settlements build up around central places. In recent, years, attempts have been made to add a more mathematical approach into the theory that. First, by, cutting edge books in print and electronic formats. Again, our multi-layered City Attractiveness tool allows us to analyse why Europe’s best destinations are led consistently by London, Paris and seven of the biggest German cities – Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. She earned her, Bachelor degree in Business Administration/Marketing with honour from Abu Dhabi, versity in 2008. The Dubai Mall is the UAE's most ambitious retail launch to date. Publication proposals and, Aging and Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Website: http://AgingAndSociety.com/journal/, The International Journal of the Arts in Society. J., 1997), as retailers adopt more formalized approaches to location decision making, which has been. Ms. Belqes, who contributed her time and efforts with the professor in writing this paper later, even after graduating from the university, has been given the status of coauthor in this study. Davis emphasises the importance of relevance in regards to a retailer’s location. The city centre pedestrian streets are generally evaluated by the consumers with the same criteria as the outer commercial malls but they differ on some important aspects. It states that marketers, should consider multiple variables while establishing their retail businesses, of which location. This belies the performance of cities with an ‘excellent’ City Attractiveness ranking, where occupancy is rising, and those rated as ‘poor’, where vacancy is rising. 2002). concept that should be well taken care of by marketers when applying it in reality. Retail space location is of the utmost importance to a business.

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