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With revenue in line with past years, my profits surged, as I did not pay the commission a photographer’s agent charges. The first time I deeply felt the gravity of a campaign and my photographs’ need to be successful was in January 2009.The economy was crashing, and tourism and travel came to a halt.Spain, where the tourism industry is as much as 16% of GDP, had tasked the Advertising Agency McCannErickson in Madrid to launch a global campaign to boost tourism. Most of the time I get hired to do what I do…. When looking back at how I became a photographer it is almost like it rained on me. ENTER This effort however is a part time job in itself…. 83K likes. The man who accepted the challenge was Erik Almas. Or art. It is January and the weather had been terrible for days. Was this how I would make a living? The thrill of having my work published is absolutely the same 20 years later. American Photography 2014 American Photography 2015 Graphis Photo Annual 2010. It has been a ton of fun to expand my understanding of visual narratives through films and TV spots, and I have been thriving in this multidisciplinary production scenario. In September 2016 my Photography Agents, Vaughn-Hannigan, abruptly closed their doors after 10 years in business. VH was not the only Photo Rep to close shop, so more importantly; was it a sign that the agent model is not as relevant as it was before digital and social media? Other times I am not at all and have gotten in my own way when the relationship between the art and the contract negotiations get too close. To properly assess the effect of an agent we have to look backward and forwards. To be able to create all these “assets” with the same visual esthetic across different mediums is of great value. And she’s right; Just looking at the revenue and profit benchmarks, one can loosely conclude that an agent is not needed at this stage in my career. felt daunting and had an almost paralyzing effect on any forward action. As my producer is removing the temporary fencing placed for safety, he trips and falls off the cliff…He catches himself on some trees growing out of the cliffside and with just a few bruises we got him safely back up.Shortly after 19 people from the agency and the Spanish Ministry of Tourism shows up to watch the first image of the campaign happen…. When scouting the location we had decided to have a fence along the cliff removed for the shoot. My advice to those starting out would be to do everything they can to get in with a great agent. Never have I felt more pressure and sense of relief. Had some truly inspiring teachers that changed my goals from shooting sporting events for my hometown newspaper to wanting to create great images. This is a live experiment and I am committed to exploring it on my own for another year. Wouldn’t the assumption be that without an agent there would be a lot less work coming in? journaling the road To become a better photographer, finding my true voice as a photograpHic craftsman and artist. So my “favorite assignment” is sometimes because of the image, some times because of the experience around it and other times because of the emotional impact a shoot have had. My approach early on, I now realize, was quite naïve.Being hired was fun and exciting; I couldn’t fully believe someone would pay me to take pictures.Eager to please, I dove into each assignment with a massive amount of enthusiasm! But should the revenue still be equal now that I did not have an agent getting me jobs? I didn’t have a great interest in pictures. The more ways that you can gain exposure in the market place the better, and an established agent can provide opportunities you won’t get on your own early on. The larger goal is to get 100 Photographers to get onboard, raising a collective 1 million usd for out of work Camera assistants. still picture overview; motion picture; social media stream; campaigns; travel; lifestyle; cinemagraphs; portraits; flight; yoga; landscapes; fashion; cgi & composites; behind the scenes; case studies; pdf builder (0) contact about erik blog subscribe email address. About a week ago, fellow photographer and PROEDU instructor, Tim Tadder launched the initiative – Art for Assistants. The idea of approaching magazines and advertising agencies saying “Here are my pictures, will you hire me”? So when I share I am a photographer and get asked about my favorite assignment, I can for sure say that this was one of them…. My stylist and I had some inspiration images of a model with a lamb. If our current situation had happened at any time during my 3 year stint as an assistant/apprentice I don’t think I would have made it to where I am today. As I am pondering the answer to my forever lingering question, I am still on the fence about having an agent or not. The digital era gives artists so many possibilities, and one of them is to recreate a Baroque painting using digital technologies. The past 3 years have shown that this long-term marketing effort has been well worth it as my business has continued to thrive without relying upon the support of an agent. The forecast for the morning was not great, but we could see breaks in the cloud cover as dawn arrived with its first light. journaling the road To become a better photographer, finding my true voice as a photograpHic craftsman and artist. Photography sort of fell in my lap. I barely made enough money as an assistant to live in San Francisco, so all shoots I did to practice my skills and build my body of work was funded  by borrowing from family and friends and moving money from one credit card to another. There are many other photographers joining in on this initiative and if you search Art for Assistants on you will see some extraordinary images being offered. There’s something in my portfolio the agency and client connects to and want me to apply to their concept and campaign. It sits with managers and PR agencies. Did I make more or less? Erik Almas Photography. All with its own sets of pressures and expectations…. This was the late 90’s; there was no social media and websites had yet to become mainstream, and having agent was indeed crucial.

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