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Erica Barrier, 28, is suffering from severe neck and spine fractures, among her many life threatening injuries, confirmed Eric B’s long time publicist. The daughter of hip hop legend, Eric B is fighting for her life after being injured in a horrific car crash on Sunday. They shared a love for rap music and they decided to start recording rap songs. Eric B of the legendary rap group Eric B and Rakim' has joined the cast of 'Blue Bloods,' and we have the first pictures of the rapper on set in his new role.. In the coming years, they recorded over 10 common songs and began to hold concerts all over the United States. Rapper Eric B’s Daughter Fighting For Life After Horror Car Crash. Eric B. began his rap career in 1985 when he collaborated with his friend Rakim. 16/03/2020 blacgoss Celebs, News.

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