epiphone olympic solid body

The three on a side tuners are the original  Klusons and the headstock profile is much more like Gibson. This instrument is priced at collector grade not for condition, but for the fact it is unusual. Solid body guitars had been available from Gibson and Fender through the 1950s, but the only Epiphone electric guitars produced prior to 1957 were electric acoustics, typically … These guitars used much of the same woods, construction methods and hardware as the Gibson models that were produced side-by-side in Kalamazoo. Signature models from Satriani, Page, Vai, Young and more Shop Now. Bill & Ted Face the Music Sweepstakes … SB722 solid-body guitar. In the late 1960s, American guitar manufacturers were in financial trouble. In terms of construction and specifications, the Epiphone solid bodies were more or less analogous to the Gibson SG and Melody Maker guitars. The electronics are original and working as they should. They provided unique shapes, pickup arrangements, and tonal signatures not seen on comparable Gibson models of the day. I included a photo with the serial number for your own research. Vintage 1962 Epiphone CRESTWOOD with PAF Humbucking pickups Might be a bit earlier, I didn't pull the pots to check date codes I bought this over 25 years ago with a headstock repair ( cracked on one side) see pictures, and it has never moved at all in that time, This is a great Epiphone Olympic Special. These guitars were loosely based on the US models, but at a significantly lower price. Epiphone solid body production did not start until two years after the take-over, with the first two models (Coronet and Crestwood Custom) shipped from the Gibson Kalamazoo plant in 1959. Prior to 1963 the Olympic model was the same as the thinner Gibson melody maker. First introduced in 1959, the Epiphone Coronet was one of Epiphone's first and most successful original solid body electric guitar designs. It is now used as a lead guitar in combos and bands across the country, and is uniquely a product of the age of electronics. They were wired more or less the same and listed at more or less the same prices. These models were quickly discontinued, being rebranded as Gibson guitars, to be replaced by the Wilshire II, Wilshire III and Crestwood II in 1984 - once more made in Japan. The solid body Epiphone Olympic (not the Olympic Special) first appeared on the market in 1960. Best I can sort out, one year ONLY guitar 1974. For over a decade from 1959 through early 1970 Epiphone solid body guitars and basses were produced in limited numbers right along side some of the greatest Gibson's of all time. For sale is an Epiphone Coronet 1962 Cherry w / Epiphone Hard Case in Very Good Condition! Actually, where there was a difference, the Epiphones tended to be the higher priced of the two. One of the few made with the full size double cutaway asymetrical body and before they went to the batwing style headstock you frequently see. Not sure if case is original. The original Olympic body shape became the Olympic Special with slight modification to the lower horn, which was shortened and re-angled slightly. This was fairly quickly renamed the ET-270, with newer models ET-275 and ET-278 added to the line in 1972, and the ET-290 added in 1973. For sale is this ultra rare example of a 1963 Epiphone Olympic made by Gibson. Vintage Epiphone 1961 Olympic Special 3 / 4 Double Cutaway Electric Guitar, 1974 Epiphone ET-288N Set Neck Bass (WILSHIRE) - Japan - MIJ - HSC, 1965 Epiphone Olympic Bat Wing Guitar And Case, Find more vintage guitars for sale at vintageguitarsforsale.co, 1968 Shaftesbury 'Electric Guitars' catalog, 1970 Rose-Morris 'Exciting Electrics Wonderful Westerns Celebrated Classics' catalog, 1971 Rose-Morris 'Exciting Electrics Wonderful Westerns' catalog, 1965 Gretsch 'For the Spectacular Sound of the Times' guitar and amp catalog, Guitar Repair: fixing fret buzz and sharp fret ends, 1966 Hagstrom 'Worlds Fastest Playing Neck' catalog (Merson USA), 1971 Gibson Les Paul Recording guitar owners manual, 1971 Gibson Les Paul Triumph bass owners manual, 1981 Gibson Victory MV-II electric guitar, 3 mini humbuckers, ebony fretboard, nickel plated hardware, 3 humbuckers, ebony fretboard, gold plated hardware. In 1963, Epiphone redesigned the Olympic to match its other solid body guitars such as the Coronet and Wilshire. Plays and sounds amazing. This is a great player, all original except the tuners. They never made many of these. 3 / 4 short scale . The Epiphone Olympic started out looking similar to a Les Pauls Special Doublecut From 1960 until 1962. 1962 Epiphone Coronet with the early symmetrical body shape. In 1977 the Scroll series was launched (SC-350, SC-450, SC-550, later SCIIB), followed by the Genesis series in 1979 (Standard, Deluxe and Custom). Imported Japanese guitars were consistently undercutting the US built ones, with quality improving all the time. 1974 MIJ Epiphone Crestwood ET-290 electric guitar with hard case, Ultra Rare 1963 Vintage Epiphone Olympic Electric Guitar * Excellent Condition *, Epiphone Coronet 1962 Cherry w / Epiphone Hard Case, Vintage 1962 Epiphone CRESTWOOD PAF Humbucking pickups, RARE !! When Gibson owner CMI bought Epiphone in 1957, they also bought tooling, unfinished guitars and a lot of parts. The latest version brings back many of the features of the earliest Coronet models including the symmetrical double-cutaway mahogany body with single Epiphone PRO P-90 Dogear pickup, three on a side reduced sized Kalamazoo headstock with Epiphone Bikini badge and ivory button tuning machines, and a white buttery pickguard with foil E logo. In terms of design, the Gibson-made Epiphone solid body guitars were quite unique. Once Norlin sold out to the current owners (Gibson Guitar Corporation), Epiphone guitar manufacture was firmly based in Asia, specifically Korea and China. Along with the sought after bass tooling Gibson acquired access to many storied models and a brand name with a history of quality and prestige. © vintageguitarandbass.com 2004-2020 | terms and conditions | donate. In fact the Olympic, and the very similar Olympic Special don't represent just one guitar - the design changed (somewhat confusingly) several times over the nine years of production, though the basic … There were two versions, the first was a compact guitar with deep, symmetrical cutaways and large symmetrical pickguard - built between 1959 and 1962. Epiphone guitar manufacture can be spit into four main phases: (i) Stathopoulos family, 1873-1957, (ii) CMI/Gibson, 1957-1969, (iii) Norlin (Matsumoku, Japan), 1970-1985, (iv) Gibson Guitar Corporation, 1986-date. $ 1,249.99. Includes the case shown in the photos. The table below compares the different models. I believe from my research that this dates back to 1965. 1976 price lists show new models, the ET-276, and ET-285. Image Heritage auctions, 1965 Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe with the better known asymmetrical design. They had the same basic construction: mahogany bodies and necks, with a (usually) rosewood fretboard, and the same translucent Cherry finish. This is one of the early 1961 Models made   5 digit serial. The Olympic, Crestwood, Coronet and Wilshire guitars are often confused with the ET-Series, which were a Japanese-made amalgamation of the older Epiphone body shapes and designs. Same holes were used Overall, This has some checking, play wear thru out the edges but plays great and sounds great. So in 1969, Epiphone production ceased at Kalamazoo, being replaced by a series of guitars built by Aria in the Matsumoku plant in Japan. Overview Jump to Overview. Today, the Epiphone guitar range is more popular than ever, selling lower priced versions of many USA-built Gibson models in large numbers. As mentioned, Gibson inherited numerous Epiphone parts, and many early examples were fitted with Epiphone New York pickups, headstock badges and Epiphone knobs. Add to Cart Add to Cart Back to Top Back to Top. Contributing no acoustics of it's own, it's music is all produced by the pickups and the amplifier. This page was last modified on 2 May 2015, at 13:42. Epiphone is proud to present solid body instruments that offer the depth, the sharp treble, the biting tone and the virility that all guitarists seek from a solid body instrument.

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