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The 2019 Standard had much higher output pickups, as well as coil-tap function and an internal DIP switch to give you access to loads of different tones. Those guitarists helped define the sound of rock music primarily with the Les Paul Standard by Gibson in the mid-to-late '50s. The 60s has Burstbucker 61 R and T which utilise Alnico V magnets, and have a hotter output. Most people have a preference of what kind of neck they prefer – if you don’t, I’d suggest coming down and trying them both out. © 2020 Reidys Home of Music. In this gear video we are comparing the 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Standards. Taylor Days Sale – Free Baby Taylor & 36 Months 0% Finance Available! On paper, these new Standards are very close to the 2019 Traditional, however, having played both, I can say that they are different. Any thoughts are appreciated. Yet again, this is a serious stab at providing players with vintage looks and playing feel at an affordable price. ... 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Standards. Both sets work well and hold their tuning, but both add a certain aesthetic to the guitar – again, it’s down to personal preference which one you like the look of more. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. The Les Paul™ Standard 60s models from Epiphone’s new Inspired by Gibson™ Collection recreate the sound of 1960s era Les Pauls. The new guitars can be split up into two categories – Original and Modern. It’s all so subjective, but for me, the tonal difference that a set of tuners makes is negligible. Taylor Guitars: Made In Mexico vs USA – What Are The Differences? Epiphone’s long friendship with Mr. Les Paul began in 1940 when Les built one of the world’s first solidbody electric guitars while working nights at the original Epiphone factory in Manhattan. If it makes a difference to you, then great – having the different sets on the 50s and 60s Les Paul Standards might help sway your decision. The 50s Standard has Burstbucker 1 and 2 pickups, which use Alnico II magnets. Your email address will not be published. These new guitars do not have any of that – they are back to basics Les Pauls, with vintage-style pickups. If you look at the spec, you’ll find that the 50s Les Paul Standard simply has a maple top, whereas the 60s has AA flamed maple. The 61 Burstbuckers just push the amp a little bit more, and have a stronger top-end end. I realize that it’s impossible for you to give me an accurate opinion, but do you think that I could get used to the 50s neck? Both guitars sound great both clean and overdriven. All Rights Reserved. For me, the two biggest differences between the Les Paul Standard 50s and 60s are the neck profile, and pickups. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but the new guitars have something really special about them (don’t get me wrong, the ’19 Traditionals were ace). They’re both vintage style pickup sets, and they both have that unmistakable Gibson PAF-style bite. The 60s is also a little brighter, with more of a pronounced attack; the 50s on the other hand has a mellower and warmer tone. The 50s Standard has Gibson Vintage Deluxe tuners; the 60s has Grover Rotomatics. I wouldn’t say that one set is better than the other; it’s more that different playing styles might suit different pickups. The Les Paul Standard 50s has a thicker neck profile than the 60s. Epiphone’s new Inspired by Gibson™ Collection proudly presents the Les Paul™ Standard 50s! Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745 vs CLP-775: What’s The Difference? The current line up of Epiphone Les Paul Standards are based on that original design and include such appointments as carved maple tops and humbucker pickups. Reidys Home of Music Registered office Reidys Home of Music, 1 Nab Lane, Blackburn, BB2 1LN, United Kingdom, Registered in GB, Online orders dispatching as normal inc. next day delivery. My opinion (thanks for asking) is that how you play the guitar is going to make much more of a difference to how it sounds than any tuners ever will. I went on to read a few more reviews on idTimemusic, I can say I’m coming back a lot. While the Les Paul Special’s neck gets close to vintage spec, on the SG Epiphone has absolutely nailed it. I own an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and he nailed every aspect of the instrument. Now, whether more or less mass on the headstock is a good thing is up to you – some players claim that having less (like the Vintage Deluxes on the 50s) allows the headstock to vibrate more, and gives you more resonance.

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